What would the world be like if the Dragon Balls were real?

The Dragon Balls

Every manga and anime fan is familiar with the Dragon Ball series, especially Dragon Ball Z. No matter the opinion, one thing that can be agreed upon in regards to the Dragon Ball series is that it’s one of the most iconic mangas in existence.

For the most part the series revolves around Son Goku (or Goku) and his friends on their quest to find the Dragon Balls, a magic set of balls that can grant any wish. The Dragon Balls are a very interesting concept and they brought an interesting question to mind. What would the world be like if the Dragon Balls were real?

Given how some of the antagonists in the series have acted in the pursuit of the Dragon Balls, it’s safe to say that the world wouldn’t be peaceful, in fact it would be really messed up. There’s no telling what extent some people would go to have their greatest desires granted, especially when it’s guaranteed. A lot of despicable things have happened in this world and it started from one person or a group of people wanting to see something achieved, for example Nazi eugenics and slavery, what makes it worse is that all of these things were done without the guarantee of success that the Dragon Balls would have brought.

In all honesty, the average citizen wouldn’t be able to get their hands on the Dragon Balls as they would be treated as WMD’s and if an average person managed to gather the Dragon Balls and make a wish, they’d become hot property, receiving no time to enjoy their wish (unless they wished to be left alone for eternity).

The one thing that the Dragon Balls would do if they were real is reveal how greedy some humans are. That doesn’t mean to say that the Dragon Balls wouldn’t be used for good but given that they would be spread around the world and put in any possible location, it would mean that anyone who goes through the trouble of gathering them would desperately want their wish granted. Looking at the hassle that gathering the Dragon Balls would cause, it’s very unlikely that any wish they grant would benefit the world.

I could be wrong though, the Dragon Balls could bring everlasting world peace and advance humanity. It’s always nice to think about the possibilities of these things, what do you think would happen if the Dragon Balls were real? Would you get your hands on them?


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