There’s nothing wrong with a black James Bond! Stop being racist!

Idris Elba, possibly the next James Bond

Recently Sony pictures was hacked (I still don’t know if it was an inside job or North Korea), the hack revealed emails about movie castings with one of them suggesting that Idris Elba should play the next James Bond. When this became public knowledge it received a less than acceptable response to say the least, it seemed that a lot of people were very unhappy at the idea of a black man playing James Bond.

Racism still exists and it’s going to continue to exist for a very long time, there’s not too much that can be done about that, but having minority races tackle roles that are historically white is definitely a way of trying to tackle racism. The hack has served to prove that there are a lot of racist James Bond fans out there and it really doesn’t matter what they say to justify Idris Elba not being fit enough to play the next James Bond, they have shown that they’re uncomfortable with the idea of a black man taking on the role.

On the Daily Mail website there were a lot of people who said their piece and they seemed to be amongst some of the most upset about James Bond’s ethnicity change. Rush Limbaugh (who I’m pretty sure is a huge racist) was also very critical of the idea of a black James Bond and made some very appalling comments on the situation. It’s very upsetting to see that the people making racist comments see sense in their words.

What is wrong with a black man playing James Bond? Nothing. At the end of the day, the character is still James Bond, he’ll still do awesome stunts and sleep with good looking girls. It doesn’t matter who plays James Bond, he’s still going to do the same things that gained him fans in the first place and it’s ridiculous to think that people are ignoring that just because there’s a possibility of him being black.

Hopefully, in the future there’ll be more minority actors taking on historically white roles, especially given that white actors have taken on roles that aren’t intended for them (The last airbender is a great example of this). Nobody benefits if racist people get their way and it’s been happening for too long.


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