SSX 3 is pretty awesome


Since its winter and there’s bound to be snow somewhere, it’s time for another post about the SSX series (because I really can’t get enough of it). If you read my post about SSX Tricky which was written in October then you already know that it’s a snowboarding game, if not then you know now.

SSX 3 is the follow up to SSX Tricky and it is regarded very highly amongst SSX fans, it isn’t better than SSX Tricky (in my opinion) but it’s better than the rest of the games in the series. The game offers a lot of excitement just like how all SSX Tricky does but this game has a more realistic feel to it, on top of that it has improved graphics, smoother controls however the arcade factor that was so present in SSX Tricky isn’t as present in this game (which it really should be).

The game takes a different direction to SSX Tricky as all the levels in the game are set on a single mountain rather than around the world. This would be a bad thing however the levels in SSX 3 clearly have a lot of thought put into them considering the embarrassment of shortcuts and grindable objects that are present in them. The game also allows for the player to snowboard from level to level (and is the only SSX game in the series to do this), this allows for an in depth understanding of the levels in the game which makes it more competitive if you ever play against a friend.

Just like SSX Tricky, the game has race and trick events however they’re expanded upon in this game. SSX 3 has three different types of trick events (big air, slopestyle & super pipe) as opposed to SSX Tricky’s one and these trick events force players to get to grips with the different types of tricks in the game. The race events are very similar to SSX Tricky but the big difference is that you’re given a rival and this rival uses as many shortcuts as possible, on top of that the rival is very aggressive which is very frustrating. Given what SSX 3 offers it’s fair to say that a very good amount of SSX players learned their trade playing SSX 3.

The most outstanding feature in this game is definitely the soundtrack (in my opinion), the soundtrack for SSX 3 was picked incredibly well and is the best game soundtrack I’ve heard (and I’ve played my fair share of games). The soundtrack adds to the experience of the game and takes away from the frustration of losing, it also makes the game more than suitable for the summer even those it’s a winter sports game.

There are plenty of more features that are worth bragging about (which must make you ask why I think SSX Tricky is the better game) but this post has already become an advert for the game, that being said if you do feel to buy SSX 3, it would be money well spent. Just like SSX Tricky, this game is something that EA did right.


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