Some thoughts on YouTube being weird


A post made on this blog in October stated that the internet was amazing, the post briefly mentioned YouTube as one of the things that makes the internet amazing. That post may have been a bit of an over exaggeration, the internet is still great and YouTube is great as well but they are also very weird, dark and generally messed up. Due to a recent video I’ve seen, this post applies more to YouTube than the internet.

Everybody is aware of what YouTube is and what it can be used for, but some people who are signed up to YouTube can get really weird with their videos. I came across a video called ‘Shrek is love, Shrek is life’ and it’s basically a Shrek fan fiction story put into video format, (I will put the link up) admittedly the video was funny (but I’m weird) but the video really begs these questions: how many messed up videos are hiding on YouTube? And how many of them are going to go viral?

I’m not against YouTube being messed up or messed up videos going on the internet because that’s just how the internet is, but it makes me think that in a few years 70% YouTube is going to be these kind of videos rather than the usual things that are on YouTube. Maybe YouTube might just become the place where the thoughts of 4chan are expressed through video (it’s slightly happening now). In other words YouTube is fast becoming an armpit just like 4chan.

To be fair, it’s these kind of videos that keep YouTube interesting so, there’s no (or very little) harm done by them. Due to YouTube becoming increasingly weirder and incorporating the weirdness of other sites, it’s hard to call the internet amazing especially when you consider that kids will come across these things.

It’s possible that I’m looking at YouTube the wrong way, maybe it’s still amazing and I have to embrace the weirdness as its internet culture. Anyway YouTube and the internet aren’t as amazing as I once thought.

(Admittedly I lost my train of thought whilst writing this)

Here’s the video:


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