Can we have Dr. Dre’s next album now?

For too long hip-hop fans have been waiting on Dr. Dre to release the follow up to his album 2001. Word of this album dates back to 2005 (possibly earlier) which means that Dr. Dre has kept the world waiting for nearly a decade just for a few tracks. Looking at the album, it really makes you want to ask if it’s ever going to grace our ears or is Dr. Dre the ultimate troll.

It’s unlikely that Dr. Dre is trolling because he has released singles from the album such as Kush and I Need a Doctor, there’s also a tracklist which means that the album is done and waiting on a release. In September it was revealed that the album was no longer going to be called Detox, however the new name for the album wasn’t revealed. This is another sign that the album is done but since Dr. Dre can’t decide on the name of the album does that mean that we’re going to have to wait another few years for a product that is possibly finished now? Dr. Dre has his reasons for holding his album back and he has the right to do so because it’s his project however given how good his last two albums were, (I think) a lot of hip-hop can agree with the statement that it’s unfair to hold his album back any longer. If anything like the title of this post says can we have the album now?

It’s possible that the waiting time for Dr. Dre’s album could be part of a plan orchestrated by Dr. Dre himself, there’s no doubt that he’s a huge name in hip-hop and he’s been ever present thanks to his brand of headphones. (They receive so much product placement) Dr. Dre has managed to remain relevant and since he’s a celebrity it means that whenever he does something people will care, when you look at those points along with the fact that his next album is highly anticipated it means that when he does finally decide to release his upcoming album, more or less every hip-hop fan will listen to it.

Then again Dr. Dre could have just gotten really high throughout the years and kept pushing back his release dates because releasing his album is a chore. Whatever the case is, there’s going to have be a point where Dr. Dre gives his fans what they want. (I hope)

This song is what made me want to really hear the album 


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