Quick thoughts on the Legend of Korra

The main characters of the Legend of Korra

Yesterday the Legend of Korra aired its final episode which brought an end to a nine year series (if you include the Legend of Aang) and the series will definitely be missed (by me). The Legend of Korra was a very good continuation of the Legend of Aang and whilst its predecessor was the better series, the Legend of Korra did well, given what it had to work with.

The Legend of Korra didn’t do as well as its predecessor in terms of ratings but the story was still very amazing, given that they couldn’t focus on Korra’s journey to learn elements (since that had been done in the Legend of Aang). The Legend of Korra focused more on Korra’s responsibilities as the avatar as she had to keep the world balanced as well as discover herself to make sure that she could do her job as the avatar properly. The episodes were very engaging and did well to highlight her growth from a person who couldn’t master all the elements (the most basic of avatar requirements) to the person who always comes through when it matters.

The series was also interesting due to the main character being a girl, and to the credit of the show’s creators it worked as Korra wasn’t typically feminine, in fact she was strong willed and fierce (qualities possessed by male leads). There are a lot of things that can be taken away from the show such as the message that we should accept people no matter how different they are (Amon didn’t do a good job of this) amongst other things. The series didn’t really leave any questions to be answered and the ending was definitely acceptable even if it did have a last minute swerve (Korra and Asami being bisexual).

Overall the series was definitely done well and deserves credit for its story, unfortunately this is the end of the avatar series but at least it went out on a high.

This is tagged as an anime but I’m aware that the avatar series isn’t an anime series.


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