Something about pro wrestling

Pro Wrestling

Is it a bad thing to still be a fan of pro wrestling when you reach your teens? A lot of people say that wrestling is for children and there’s not much of a reason to like it since it’s ‘fake.’ (It’s not fake, it’s booked. There’s a difference) the reputation that wrestling has is unfair, understandable but unfair especially given that a lot of work goes into being a professional wrestler. To call it fake is an overstatement, if it’s really fake then that means that other sports have fake aspects to them, e.g. football, there have been instances where matches were fixed but never were those matches referred to as fake, so why is wrestling referred to as fake?

When it comes to pro wrestling, one thing that goes over a lot of people’s heads is the actual spectacle, yes there’s a predetermined finish but seeing people fly across and getting slammed in a ring makes for good television. Not everybody is into wrestling which is fine but it really doesn’t get the respect that it deserves which is unfair on the sport. It’s also a bit of a stretch to say that wrestling is for children, it’s true that there are heroes and villains in wrestling which could be considered childish but the sport revolves around people hurting each other for the amusement of a crowd which is barbaric, not childish.

As a pro wrestling fan I know that the recognition that wrestling gets is solely the fault of WWE and certain top superstars but with that being said, it really shouldn’t take away from the legitimacy of the sport. (I don’t say this ironically) There are plenty of wrestling promotions such as Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling which have wrestlers that showcase wrestling the right way. It’s a bit of a double-edged sword because WWE and TNA are the only wrestling promotions that shouldn’t be taken too seriously, yet they’re the biggest ones so whenever people think of wrestling those two will always come to mind.

I feel a rant coming on so I’m going to stop but seriously speaking, pro wrestling isn’t for children only and it deserves more credit.



One thought on “Something about pro wrestling

  1. I loved wrestling during the eighties and nineties, but have since lost interest. The current gen of superstars lack personality and the matches feel like an afterthought with the focus being on selling merchandise.


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