Why are celebrities worshipped?

Why do people worship celebrities? Seriously, why? It’s something that’s very weird and unusual. (In my opinion) It’s understandable that celebrities have fans otherwise they wouldn’t be celebrities however some celebrities (if not all) have a special section of fans that look at them as if they’re Gods walking amongst men, which is very confusing.

Beyoncé and Justin Bieber are two of many celebrities that may as well have their own religion (random fact: Kanye West actually has his own religion) due to the way they are adored by their fans. At all times celebrities have fans that are ready to jump to their defence for whatever reason, let’s take Beyoncé for example, it’s not possible to criticise (outright or constructively) her without the Bey Hive sending death threats or just generally defending her supposed greatness. It doesn’t mean to say that Beyoncé hasn’t earned her fans or anything, but it does make you question why her fans think of her so highly. At times it really seems that Celebrities are a higher kind of human with a secret attribute that only they can have, all because of fan worship.

The weirdest thing when it comes to celebrities is the fact that they’re normal human beings like you and me, they have more notability for their talents which is fair enough but it doesn’t exactly warrant worship. For whatever reason, fans seem to forget that celebrities are just normal human beings that eat and sleep and there really isn’t any reason for them to that. They also seem to be unaware that the celebrities they care so much for, don’t care and will probably never return the feelings they receive, if anything some celebrities probably prefer to ignore their fans.

Looking at the relationship between celebrities and their fans it brings up another question, does fame elevate people to a God like status? It honestly seems like it does. In truth it’s not even like this is saddening or anything, it’s just very, very weird because so many fans will worship celebrities but they have the potential to become celebrities if they put their minds to it.

At the end of the day whilst celebrity worship is weird and uncalled for, it can be funny and on top that, while fans continue to worship celebrities there’s a “normal person” out there working to become a celebrity.


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