Metal Gear is awesome!

This blog isn’t right if there isn’t a post about one of the greatest game series ever (if not the greatest, in my opinion) Metal Gear. Recently it was confirmed that Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain would come with Metal Gear Online which instantly reminded me of how great a series Metal Gear is.

The Metal Gear series mainly focuses on Solid Snake who is a clone of his dad Big Boss, who’s one of the protagonists and antagonists of the series but that’s getting off the point. Solid Snake goes through a few adventures that make up one huge plot (I won’t tell you because you really need to play this series!) fighting against his brothers and various other enemies, but the truth is that there is no explanation that I can give that does justice to the series.

The amount of thought that went into the story itself is unreal, not to mention the never ending amount of easter eggs in the game. If it’s ever possible I want to meet Hideo Kojima for sharing this idea with the world and I’m sure that all hardcore Metal Gear fans will want to do the same. The game play is great but the cinematics will have you glued to the playstation, (or Xbox) the game makes it really hard to play for an hour and pause when the cinematics are so long and interesting and every scene of the game leaves you wanting to play a little more.

It would seem like I’m bragging about Metal Gear the way I did about SSX Tricky but I’ve seen people be converted from non-players to avid players of the game on so many occasions which only serves to prove how awesome this game is.

There won’t be any more given away because you need to do your part and pick up a Metal Gear game, (I suggest Metal Gear Solid 3 for awesomeness or Metal Gear Solid for where the real meat of the story begins) I promise that you won’t be disappointed.


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