Hip-hop is Hip-hop and that’s that!

When hip-hop is talked about these days, there are so many people that will say that it’s not what it used to be, therefore it’s not good and this is probably because we’re in an age where rappers don’t have to be lyrical to be accepted as great. (Drake and Jay Z are good examples of this) At the same time, whilst hip-hop isn’t what it used to be because styles change and evolve, it’s unfair to slate it just because it different to what you might have grown up with.

There are loads of rappers who could be considered garbage but still make music that people can enjoy and recently I was shown one of these rappers. OT Genasis has gained some recognition for a song that recently went viral called ‘CoCo’, this song is a very good example of why people complain about music due to fact that the lyrics aren’t very good and there isn’t any real rapping skill shown in this song but the truth is that if the song came on in the club or if it was randomly played, so many people would bop their heads to the song and enjoy it.

There are plenty of other songs that fall under the same category as ‘CoCo’ such as ‘Try Me’ by Dej Loaf, ‘Hot Nigga’ by Bobby Shmurda and pretty much anything by Lil B. The thing is as much as people hate to admit it, lyrical rappers aren’t in fashion anymore, they do make good music but good music is really anything that can be enjoyed. (I guess this means that all music is good music in some really weird way that I don’t like) When thinking about it, to say that hip-hop isn’t good because it’s changed is an invalid statement because those who grew up on the east coast-west coast rivalry may not like what’s out now but those who grew up on Grandmaster Flash would probably say the same thing about the east coast-west coast rivalry.

I’m not saying that all music should be liked but the notion that music isn’t good because it’s changed is going to be passed down through generations and the thing is that notion can’t proven or disproven. In my opinion it makes the notion a useless one.

Here’s CoCo if you were curious 


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