Is school necessary to be successful?

Is school necessary for somebody to be successful? Is it? School is important without a doubt however there are so many successful people in this world who seemed to do it without the stress of school. This seems like it goes against an earlier post on this blog about university but that isn’t case. It’s just an interesting question to ask.

School is the place where children are educated and basic academic skills are learnt and developed in order for children to succeed but when thinking about it, you have to ask yourself a serious question. Does school groom children to be successful or does it just groom children to be adequate workers? At school children are told to follow the rules, not to piss off those in power and get work done in time and an orderly fashion. These rules are important but they also seem like guidelines to get and keep a job before being successful.

There are a lot of quotes about being successful and most of them (the ones that I’ve read anyway) talk about self belief, confidence and hard work, they talk about pushing boundaries and going to any length to achieve your goal, even if that means break set rules. Throughout all of my years in school, I was never once told that I needed to believe in myself to succeed, I was told that I only needed to follow the rules. I’ll admit I was told that I needed to work hard but that’s generally something most people hear from their parents before entering school so it doesn’t count as much.

One thing that life shows is that it’s possible to be successful in anything and still make a good living, some examples include gaming, rapping and making YouTube videos yet none of these things are taught in school, they’re dismissed as things that take away from your education and ultimately lead to failure. This doesn’t mean to say school shouldn’t be attended as it does provide important lessons, such as social skills and the academics are useful to an extent but the keyword is extent.

While school can prepare you for life it seems as if its main purpose is to take children and slowly guide them into adults who can work but not necessarily be successful which begs the question: Is school necessary to be successful?


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