Quick thoughts on Kurozuka


Warning: This post contains spoilers.

It’s always good to search for and find new anime, it’s something that anime fans enjoy doing for various reasons but the biggest one probably being that it adds to an ever growing mental list of animes watched. The latest anime to earn a post on this blog is Kurozuka, which is a weird anime to say the least.

(I think) The plot revolves around a swordsman called Kuro and his quest to find a vampire woman that he’s in love with called Kuromitsu. He meets Kuromitsu and becomes immortal when he faces a group of enemies and is left for dead, drinking Kuromitsu’s blood as a last resort. Kuro is subsequently betrayed by his bodyguard and wakes up in the distant future, he then encounters a group of people that offer to help him find the love of his life (I don’t know why) and they end up fighting against a group of antagonists (who I’m sure have little relevance to the plot). There is more to the story and then again there may not be because the story isn’t fleshed out very well, so there are elements of the show that will confuse viewers such as Kuro’s intense attraction to Kuromitsu.

The anime is 12 episodes long and it took me 10 to finally figure out what was happening which meant that I sat there being confused for the first three-quarters of the series. In those first 9 episodes that I was confused, I was able to figure out that one of the characters (Kuon) was a traitor (which really wasn’t shocking) and the action scenes helped to take my mind off the confusion. I’ll admit that after 5 episodes I was going to stop watching, however I don’t like leaving series unfinished unless they’re truly terrible.

If the series is meant to illustrate the lengths that some people are willing to go for people that they’re attracted to then (I think) it’s not an accurate reflection, however it’s more likely that the series isn’t trying to be deep with anything. The series is short and gets to the action very quickly and that’s probably what’s meant to attract the viewer. Since the action kept me watching I can’t say that they did a bad job on that front.

There were two things about the series that didn’t sit so well with me. In the eighth episode Kuromitsu appears and kills one of Kuro’s enemies, she then tells him to go to another location and disappears. Kuro didn’t even try to stop her despite the fact that the woman he was longing for was right in front of him, as a result of that Kuro and his group continue and the people helping Kuro end up dying. The second is the ending, during the anime there are a few scenes that show Kuro getting his head cut off and it happens again at the end, his head gets put on a new body and his quest to find Kuromitsu restarts. This ending implies that Kuromitsu has placed Kuro in an endless loop which is cruel but fitting for an anime like Kurozuka. The anime goes a bit further and rewinds to the first scene of the first episode and whilst talking to his bodyguard Kuro says ‘I feel like this has already happened.’

Of all the animes that I’ve watched, Kurozuka is the only one that stuck a huge middle finger in my face. It didn’t flesh out the plot well so I had to work harder to connect the dots only to find out that none of the story actually happened. Usually I’m a fan of plot twists like that but I prefer them when it’s not so hard to make sense of the story because that way it doesn’t take away from the achievement of figuring out what’s going on.

With all of that being said Kurozuka is still watchable, if you’re stoned out of your mind and you want to see something cool then Kurozuka won’t disappoint or if you like action and don’t care about a story (unlike me) then Kurozuka is definitely for you.The theme song in the opening credits is really damn catchy as well but the choice is yours as always.

One last thing, if you’ve watched the anime and fully understand what’s going on then please write it in the comments section because I’d really like to know.


What would the world be like if the Dragon Balls were real?

The Dragon Balls

Every manga and anime fan is familiar with the Dragon Ball series, especially Dragon Ball Z. No matter the opinion, one thing that can be agreed upon in regards to the Dragon Ball series is that it’s one of the most iconic mangas in existence.

For the most part the series revolves around Son Goku (or Goku) and his friends on their quest to find the Dragon Balls, a magic set of balls that can grant any wish. The Dragon Balls are a very interesting concept and they brought an interesting question to mind. What would the world be like if the Dragon Balls were real?

Given how some of the antagonists in the series have acted in the pursuit of the Dragon Balls, it’s safe to say that the world wouldn’t be peaceful, in fact it would be really messed up. There’s no telling what extent some people would go to have their greatest desires granted, especially when it’s guaranteed. A lot of despicable things have happened in this world and it started from one person or a group of people wanting to see something achieved, for example Nazi eugenics and slavery, what makes it worse is that all of these things were done without the guarantee of success that the Dragon Balls would have brought.

In all honesty, the average citizen wouldn’t be able to get their hands on the Dragon Balls as they would be treated as WMD’s and if an average person managed to gather the Dragon Balls and make a wish, they’d become hot property, receiving no time to enjoy their wish (unless they wished to be left alone for eternity).

The one thing that the Dragon Balls would do if they were real is reveal how greedy some humans are. That doesn’t mean to say that the Dragon Balls wouldn’t be used for good but given that they would be spread around the world and put in any possible location, it would mean that anyone who goes through the trouble of gathering them would desperately want their wish granted. Looking at the hassle that gathering the Dragon Balls would cause, it’s very unlikely that any wish they grant would benefit the world.

I could be wrong though, the Dragon Balls could bring everlasting world peace and advance humanity. It’s always nice to think about the possibilities of these things, what do you think would happen if the Dragon Balls were real? Would you get your hands on them?

There’s nothing wrong with a black James Bond! Stop being racist!

Idris Elba, possibly the next James Bond

Recently Sony pictures was hacked (I still don’t know if it was an inside job or North Korea), the hack revealed emails about movie castings with one of them suggesting that Idris Elba should play the next James Bond. When this became public knowledge it received a less than acceptable response to say the least, it seemed that a lot of people were very unhappy at the idea of a black man playing James Bond.

Racism still exists and it’s going to continue to exist for a very long time, there’s not too much that can be done about that, but having minority races tackle roles that are historically white is definitely a way of trying to tackle racism. The hack has served to prove that there are a lot of racist James Bond fans out there and it really doesn’t matter what they say to justify Idris Elba not being fit enough to play the next James Bond, they have shown that they’re uncomfortable with the idea of a black man taking on the role.

On the Daily Mail website there were a lot of people who said their piece and they seemed to be amongst some of the most upset about James Bond’s ethnicity change. Rush Limbaugh (who I’m pretty sure is a huge racist) was also very critical of the idea of a black James Bond and made some very appalling comments on the situation. It’s very upsetting to see that the people making racist comments see sense in their words.

What is wrong with a black man playing James Bond? Nothing. At the end of the day, the character is still James Bond, he’ll still do awesome stunts and sleep with good looking girls. It doesn’t matter who plays James Bond, he’s still going to do the same things that gained him fans in the first place and it’s ridiculous to think that people are ignoring that just because there’s a possibility of him being black.

Hopefully, in the future there’ll be more minority actors taking on historically white roles, especially given that white actors have taken on roles that aren’t intended for them (The last airbender is a great example of this). Nobody benefits if racist people get their way and it’s been happening for too long.

SSX 3 is pretty awesome


Since its winter and there’s bound to be snow somewhere, it’s time for another post about the SSX series (because I really can’t get enough of it). If you read my post about SSX Tricky which was written in October then you already know that it’s a snowboarding game, if not then you know now.

SSX 3 is the follow up to SSX Tricky and it is regarded very highly amongst SSX fans, it isn’t better than SSX Tricky (in my opinion) but it’s better than the rest of the games in the series. The game offers a lot of excitement just like how all SSX Tricky does but this game has a more realistic feel to it, on top of that it has improved graphics, smoother controls however the arcade factor that was so present in SSX Tricky isn’t as present in this game (which it really should be).

The game takes a different direction to SSX Tricky as all the levels in the game are set on a single mountain rather than around the world. This would be a bad thing however the levels in SSX 3 clearly have a lot of thought put into them considering the embarrassment of shortcuts and grindable objects that are present in them. The game also allows for the player to snowboard from level to level (and is the only SSX game in the series to do this), this allows for an in depth understanding of the levels in the game which makes it more competitive if you ever play against a friend.

Just like SSX Tricky, the game has race and trick events however they’re expanded upon in this game. SSX 3 has three different types of trick events (big air, slopestyle & super pipe) as opposed to SSX Tricky’s one and these trick events force players to get to grips with the different types of tricks in the game. The race events are very similar to SSX Tricky but the big difference is that you’re given a rival and this rival uses as many shortcuts as possible, on top of that the rival is very aggressive which is very frustrating. Given what SSX 3 offers it’s fair to say that a very good amount of SSX players learned their trade playing SSX 3.

The most outstanding feature in this game is definitely the soundtrack (in my opinion), the soundtrack for SSX 3 was picked incredibly well and is the best game soundtrack I’ve heard (and I’ve played my fair share of games). The soundtrack adds to the experience of the game and takes away from the frustration of losing, it also makes the game more than suitable for the summer even those it’s a winter sports game.

There are plenty of more features that are worth bragging about (which must make you ask why I think SSX Tricky is the better game) but this post has already become an advert for the game, that being said if you do feel to buy SSX 3, it would be money well spent. Just like SSX Tricky, this game is something that EA did right.

Some thoughts on YouTube being weird


A post made on this blog in October stated that the internet was amazing, the post briefly mentioned YouTube as one of the things that makes the internet amazing. That post may have been a bit of an over exaggeration, the internet is still great and YouTube is great as well but they are also very weird, dark and generally messed up. Due to a recent video I’ve seen, this post applies more to YouTube than the internet.

Everybody is aware of what YouTube is and what it can be used for, but some people who are signed up to YouTube can get really weird with their videos. I came across a video called ‘Shrek is love, Shrek is life’ and it’s basically a Shrek fan fiction story put into video format, (I will put the link up) admittedly the video was funny (but I’m weird) but the video really begs these questions: how many messed up videos are hiding on YouTube? And how many of them are going to go viral?

I’m not against YouTube being messed up or messed up videos going on the internet because that’s just how the internet is, but it makes me think that in a few years 70% YouTube is going to be these kind of videos rather than the usual things that are on YouTube. Maybe YouTube might just become the place where the thoughts of 4chan are expressed through video (it’s slightly happening now). In other words YouTube is fast becoming an armpit just like 4chan.

To be fair, it’s these kind of videos that keep YouTube interesting so, there’s no (or very little) harm done by them. Due to YouTube becoming increasingly weirder and incorporating the weirdness of other sites, it’s hard to call the internet amazing especially when you consider that kids will come across these things.

It’s possible that I’m looking at YouTube the wrong way, maybe it’s still amazing and I have to embrace the weirdness as its internet culture. Anyway YouTube and the internet aren’t as amazing as I once thought.

(Admittedly I lost my train of thought whilst writing this)

Here’s the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_MJbgO7SF0

Can we have Dr. Dre’s next album now?

For too long hip-hop fans have been waiting on Dr. Dre to release the follow up to his album 2001. Word of this album dates back to 2005 (possibly earlier) which means that Dr. Dre has kept the world waiting for nearly a decade just for a few tracks. Looking at the album, it really makes you want to ask if it’s ever going to grace our ears or is Dr. Dre the ultimate troll.

It’s unlikely that Dr. Dre is trolling because he has released singles from the album such as Kush and I Need a Doctor, there’s also a tracklist which means that the album is done and waiting on a release. In September it was revealed that the album was no longer going to be called Detox, however the new name for the album wasn’t revealed. This is another sign that the album is done but since Dr. Dre can’t decide on the name of the album does that mean that we’re going to have to wait another few years for a product that is possibly finished now? Dr. Dre has his reasons for holding his album back and he has the right to do so because it’s his project however given how good his last two albums were, (I think) a lot of hip-hop can agree with the statement that it’s unfair to hold his album back any longer. If anything like the title of this post says can we have the album now?

It’s possible that the waiting time for Dr. Dre’s album could be part of a plan orchestrated by Dr. Dre himself, there’s no doubt that he’s a huge name in hip-hop and he’s been ever present thanks to his brand of headphones. (They receive so much product placement) Dr. Dre has managed to remain relevant and since he’s a celebrity it means that whenever he does something people will care, when you look at those points along with the fact that his next album is highly anticipated it means that when he does finally decide to release his upcoming album, more or less every hip-hop fan will listen to it.

Then again Dr. Dre could have just gotten really high throughout the years and kept pushing back his release dates because releasing his album is a chore. Whatever the case is, there’s going to have be a point where Dr. Dre gives his fans what they want. (I hope)

This song is what made me want to really hear the album 

Quick thoughts on the Legend of Korra

The main characters of the Legend of Korra

Yesterday the Legend of Korra aired its final episode which brought an end to a nine year series (if you include the Legend of Aang) and the series will definitely be missed (by me). The Legend of Korra was a very good continuation of the Legend of Aang and whilst its predecessor was the better series, the Legend of Korra did well, given what it had to work with.

The Legend of Korra didn’t do as well as its predecessor in terms of ratings but the story was still very amazing, given that they couldn’t focus on Korra’s journey to learn elements (since that had been done in the Legend of Aang). The Legend of Korra focused more on Korra’s responsibilities as the avatar as she had to keep the world balanced as well as discover herself to make sure that she could do her job as the avatar properly. The episodes were very engaging and did well to highlight her growth from a person who couldn’t master all the elements (the most basic of avatar requirements) to the person who always comes through when it matters.

The series was also interesting due to the main character being a girl, and to the credit of the show’s creators it worked as Korra wasn’t typically feminine, in fact she was strong willed and fierce (qualities possessed by male leads). There are a lot of things that can be taken away from the show such as the message that we should accept people no matter how different they are (Amon didn’t do a good job of this) amongst other things. The series didn’t really leave any questions to be answered and the ending was definitely acceptable even if it did have a last minute swerve (Korra and Asami being bisexual).

Overall the series was definitely done well and deserves credit for its story, unfortunately this is the end of the avatar series but at least it went out on a high.

This is tagged as an anime but I’m aware that the avatar series isn’t an anime series.

Something about pro wrestling

Pro Wrestling

Is it a bad thing to still be a fan of pro wrestling when you reach your teens? A lot of people say that wrestling is for children and there’s not much of a reason to like it since it’s ‘fake.’ (It’s not fake, it’s booked. There’s a difference) the reputation that wrestling has is unfair, understandable but unfair especially given that a lot of work goes into being a professional wrestler. To call it fake is an overstatement, if it’s really fake then that means that other sports have fake aspects to them, e.g. football, there have been instances where matches were fixed but never were those matches referred to as fake, so why is wrestling referred to as fake?

When it comes to pro wrestling, one thing that goes over a lot of people’s heads is the actual spectacle, yes there’s a predetermined finish but seeing people fly across and getting slammed in a ring makes for good television. Not everybody is into wrestling which is fine but it really doesn’t get the respect that it deserves which is unfair on the sport. It’s also a bit of a stretch to say that wrestling is for children, it’s true that there are heroes and villains in wrestling which could be considered childish but the sport revolves around people hurting each other for the amusement of a crowd which is barbaric, not childish.

As a pro wrestling fan I know that the recognition that wrestling gets is solely the fault of WWE and certain top superstars but with that being said, it really shouldn’t take away from the legitimacy of the sport. (I don’t say this ironically) There are plenty of wrestling promotions such as Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling which have wrestlers that showcase wrestling the right way. It’s a bit of a double-edged sword because WWE and TNA are the only wrestling promotions that shouldn’t be taken too seriously, yet they’re the biggest ones so whenever people think of wrestling those two will always come to mind.

I feel a rant coming on so I’m going to stop but seriously speaking, pro wrestling isn’t for children only and it deserves more credit.


You either get this post or you don’t.

I’m cool! That’s right, and that’s what this post is about I wrote it, you might like and you might not but I wrote this post you read it so I win.

I’m cool for a lot of reasons, one of which being that I don’t brag about it. I won’t expand on it because I’m too cool for that and I don’t feel that I have to anyway. My blog is pretty cool don’t you think? Everything I think is cool is cool because I said it’s cool and I’m cool. I’m also that guy and if you’ve been paying attention you’ll already know why I’m that guy and only I’m that guy! I train in thatguyism which is a special thing but you need to know this!

The point has been established and whilst we’re on the topic, I’m too cool for school, it ain’t easy being me but that’s just life. If you have a problem with it, that’s honestly up to you but this happened and you read because… The internet!

The End!