Quick thoughts on WataMote

Having recently watched an anime called WataMote (which is short for Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!) it showed that being in school can be a weird time, it’s a time where some might try to find themselves by experimenting with new hobbies and it also showed that one of the most important things in secondary school is social status.

WataMote is a very funny anime for those that are into awkward humour (like me) and it deals with the main character Tomoko Kuroki and her never ending attempts to become more popular in school due to being unhappy at her status as a social outcast. One thing that’s really funny about the whole situation is that whilst she tries to get people to notice her, she isn’t a very social character so whenever somebody that she’s unfamiliar with attempts to talk to her she freezes up and speaks up just enough for the other person to barely make out what she’s said.

The awkward humour is definitely one of the most noticeable things (if not the most) but it brings another topic to mind which is the anxiety that can come with being a student. In most schools there are social groups and whilst it’s not as explicit as the cool kids, the losers, the athletes and so on, so forth there is still a status quo which means that certain groups of children aren’t as likely to socialise with other groups.

For Tomoko the case wasn’t that she had a group of friends who were unpopular but rather that she had no friends and her status in the show does well to reflect what it can be like for somebody in secondary school without any friends. Naturally it exaggerates the extent to which she suffers for not having friends (her serious inability to communicate with others and social anxiety) but it’s still effective in showing that social anxiety can have a negative effect in life especially at a time where people are making their friends for life.

WataMote in conclusion is a very enjoyable anime and there’s something beneath the humour that can be a useful lesson for children entering secondary school.


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