What is the purpose of marriage?

In life there are things that are expected of people such as going to school, getting a job, getting married and starting a family and it’s understandable as to why these expectations are put upon people by society, because it helps to keep society moving. The thing is that there are instances that show that those stock expectations aren’t completely necessary e.g going to school, we go to school in order to be educated so that we can receive a well paying job however it’s possible to be well paid without having succeeded in school. School isn’t the point of this post though, what’s really interesting is marriage.

Men and women/men and men/women and women get together and somewhere down the line, they get married but the question is why? What does marriage add to a relationship? Is it proof of love? When two people get into a relationship and commit to each other, shouldn’t that be proof of love? Is it family related? These days a lot of people have children well before getting married so it wouldn’t make much sense if getting married was the final hurdle before starting a family. There could be a lot of other explanations as to why marriage is important in society but aren’t they really all just answered by being in a relationship?

It might sound like this is coming from somebody with commitment issues but that isn’t the case, this is just a view of somebody who sees marriage as unnecessary. It seems as if marriage is more of a gimmick than anything, other than the ring and the title of husband/wife, what exactly is it that marriage does that a relationship can’t do. It would really be interesting to get an answer to this question.

It’s likely that one day I’ll be married, but I want to know that I’m getting married with a good reason rather than just because it’s what I’m supposed to do.

Let me know your views.


3 thoughts on “What is the purpose of marriage?

  1. I feel the same. I see marriage as a complicated form of useless responsibilities associated with legality, title, paperworks, and merging of properties.


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