Rock Bottom Radio is where it’s at!

Radio LaB

Are you a fan of wrestling? Are you a fan of WWE in particular? If so then Rock Bottom Radio (#rbr) is the programme that you need to be listening to. Rock Bottom Radio could potentially be the perfect show for WWE fans as well as hardcore internet wrestling fans as the show has a lot of appealing factors.

Starting off with the basics, Rock Bottom Radio is on Radio LaB 97.1 FM on Wednesdays at 8-10pm and it features a group of opinionated wrestling nerds doing a service to most wrestling fans by ripping into John Cena at any given moment and if this isn’t enough to grab your attention then there’s also the fact that it touches on a variety of topics in the WWE such as the pushes that wrestlers receive, the way the company promotes itself and general opinion on the programming.

The show is new so it’s still in the phase of gaining a foundation however there’s no reason why it can’t go on to become an incredibly popular wrestling show and not to sound cheesy but the sky really is the limit for this show.

If you’re unhappy with an edition of Monday Night Raw or Friday Night Smackdown then the chances are that Rock Bottom Radio will agree with you and even if wrestling isn’t your thing, you’re guaranteed to get a few laughs from the show just due to some of the statements that are made and having a laugh is always a great way to wind down on a Wednesday night.

This is the word of one huge wrestling fan (who knows what he’s talking about) so be sure to check the show out!


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