I don’t get art at all!

‘I’d love to go to an art gallery with you just to see what you’d say.’ I received this comment because I’m not artistic. I don’t do art, I don’t understand art! I want to appreciate it but it’s impossible to appreciate what you don’t understand.

Things like magazines, posters, photos etc. They all have an artistic appeal them, or at least that’s what people are meant to understand when they look at these things. One thing that is for certain is that magazines and other forms of media show very clearly that art comes in all shapes and sizes, it also shows that art is disturbingly weird. Having looked at so many posters and magazines the one thing I can definitely say is that anything passes for art.

This isn’t meant to be a post that takes away from art as a culture because things like the Mona Lisa (pretty obvious piece of art right there) and Vincent Van Gogh’s self portrait are amazing but at the same time some forms of art will really have you questioning what it is.

Dazed is a magazine that shows a lot of clothing from an ‘artistic’ perspective, it’s things like this that will constantly have inartistic people saying ‘I don’t get it’ and ‘what the hell is this?’ amongst a number of phrases . The magazine has a host of adverts stacked on its inside pages and it shows models being weird (aka posing) in clothes, weirdest of all, that is appealing to people.

They are plenty of great things about art but to be honest, all of that is effectively cancelled out by its weirdness as well as the fact that it’s only ever going to get weirder, with that being said I’m not somebody that won’t make an attempt to understand art so I hope you enjoy the picture of me being artistic.

Me being artsy


One thought on “I don’t get art at all!

  1. I like art found in comics and video games. Take me to a gallery however and I don’t get why some pieces are so highly regarded. There’s a lot of bizarre stuff out there that is classed as art, which doesn’t have any merit in my eyes.

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