The Internet is amazing!

The Internet

These days the Internet has the ability to help ordinary people ascend to higher heights, of course the heights that can be scaled vary based on the amount of work that is put in. There have been a lot of apps and websites that have helped people gain a bigger presence e.g. Vine, this app burst onto the scene in January 2013 and it has helped Eleonora Maronese Pons (Lele Pons) reach a worldwide audience with her comedy. YouTube has also been known to turn ordinary people into celebrities; any fan of Justin Bieber will proudly admit this.

There are a considerable amount of people that have benefitted from the possibilities that the Internet presents which leads to the conclusion that the Internet is capable of helping people achieve anything. It’s amazing to see that people can benefit and make a future through the use of free apps and services, this shows that people who are worried about what to do in future shouldn’t worry as much as they have extra avenues to make something of themselves.

Becoming famous using the Internet is no easy task, posting something on the Internet can be a hit or miss situation and the truth is that it can take years before the effort pays off. The case with most things in life is that it will take a lot of effort and countless hours before it pays off. A lot of ‘internet celebrities’ will argue that all of the effort is worth it and when looking at some of the perks that Internet celebrities receive such as: being invited to Red Carpet events, getting onto television or even starting a musical career it’s incredibly hard to disagree.

The Internet does a very good job at helping people in general. The truth is that if somebody wants to build a bit of a name for themself just to say that they’ve done a few things, then the internet is a great place to start. Any individual could have a Twitter account that links people to their personal website and that could link to a YouTube account as well as things that said individual may do outside of the internet. It’s very possible for a name to get around just by the use of a single website.

It’s very amazing to see the Internet, an invention that gets some flak for being distracting and harmful to children being helpful to the point that it gives some people a second chance to make something of themselves. The best part is that the internet keeps on evolving and expanding so it must make a lot of people ask what will the Internet be capable of next?


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