Does Kanye West really deserve his reputation?

Kanye West

Kanye West is a polarizing individual and has been one for a decade now, whilst he makes good music (no pun intended) his attitude and portrayal by the media cause a lot of people to think hard about how they feel about him. He is somebody that most people love to hate and to be honest there’s not much that he does to try and change that, probably because he really doesn’t care however does Kanye West really deserve the reputation that he has?

Kanye West is known for being childish at times such as when he stormed onto the stage at the 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards or when he interrupted Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, he’s also made a lot of statements that could be perceived as outrageous, one particular statement that comes to mind is his belief about George Bush’s stance on black people. Kanye West is well known for the regard with which he holds himself, he’s not one that seems to care much for the concept of humility and all of these things help to contribute to the reputation he holds around the world however it could also be argued that Kanye West is just being himself.

Naturally Kanye West comes across as an outspoken individual and it just so happens that some of his words are a little strong but at the end of the day he goes around saying what he thinks whether the public agrees with him or not. Obviously there are lot of people that don’t like him and they could think of many unsavoury words to describe him as but it can’t be denied that he does what a lot of people tell themselves to do and that is to be himself rather than putting up a front for society just so that he can be judged more kindly by the masses.

This doesn’t mean to say that Kanye West is right to do everything that he does but it does mean to say that he can’t constantly be hated for being real. In society so many people talk about how there are too many ‘fake’ people and it’s really easy to see why people may be ‘fake.’ It seems that when somebody is ready to be themselves then it causes a negative reaction which ends up signalling to people that they can’t be themselves for very high possibility of them not being accepted by society.

For a lot of people it’s definitely hard for them to argue that they wouldn’t want to be in Kanye West’s position, going to fashion shows, award shows, radio appearances etc. Though that means dealing with the media more often than necessary. To be honest Kanye West could do with a break from the constant bashing that his reputation takes as most people would hate to be hated and looked down upon for being real. This doesn’t mean to say that I’m a huge supporter of Kanye West however it is refreshing to see somebody who’s so openly real in a world full of ‘fake’ people and if Kanye were to actually change his attitude it would probably mean that a lot of people in life would adjust their attitude.


2 thoughts on “Does Kanye West really deserve his reputation?

    1. If people that have worked for him are implying that he deserves his reputation, it’s hard to argue against that. Some of them could possibly be bitter as well. Donald Trump is an expert on annoying people, he does it so well, I’m beginning to ask myself if he’s got an ingenious plan that’s in motion 😕

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