Racism needs to die!

Say NO to racism

On the weekend a football game between Manchester United and Leicester City took place and it highlighted two problems. The first being Manchester United has a serious problem defensively and it doesn’t look as if the attack is going to outweigh it for a little while and the second being that racism is still very alive in football which is appalling.

During the match Manchester United let a 3-1 lead slip by conceding four goals in the space of 20 minutes and naturally comments about the situation were made, one comment that received specific attention was a tweet from Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli who said ‘Man utd … LOL’ as a Manchester United supporter it was extremely annoying to see a comment from a footballer at a club that also spent over £100million only to have started the season terribly as well. What was worse were the comments that followed.

Mario Balotelli was bombarded by a host of derogatory comments about his race which is just unacceptable! It’s understandable that fans would be angry about his comment but that isn’t an excuse for racial slurs to be thrown around especially considering the work the FIFA does to eliminate racism from the sport. It was widely reported that Balotelli was subject to racism in his home country Italy and it’s sad to think that it followed him here to England.

In a country that is very multicultural there really shouldn’t be any space for racism but unfortunately it’s still around and the comments that Balotelli received speak volumes about those who made them. It’s shameful that people use the internet to make these comments and it’s worse that they feel safe to do so just because they can deactivate their accounts on social media within a moment’s notice.

Personally speaking, it doesn’t make any sense to me to see somebody insulted for the colour of their skin. It’s not as if people are granted a choice as to what colour they are so why should they draw hatred for it.

With that being said it was good to see that large number of people immediately tagged the police once the racist comments started flooding in or who knows how far the would’ve gone. Hopefully those who were guilty of making the comments will be brought to justice as well. It seems like a dream now but hopefully racism will die one day.


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