Preparing for university, preparing for life

Preparing for university can be a stressful experience but when you’re in a position where you’ve done it before it suddenly doesn’t mean as much. For the most part you know what to expect from university (clubbing, social activities, learning etc.) so that leads the mind of a university student to wonder about things that can be done to improve the time spent at university, whether it be taking part in extracurricular activities, doing more learning outside of class, (more than advised that is!) or just spending time on hobbies with the possibility of taking it further.

Whilst at university lectures and workshops will be skipped out of laziness or some other reason that really isn’t just good enough but it’s no excuse to go and do something that won’t build to the future in anyway whatsoever. Preparing for university will obviously mean worrying about academics but one thing that is just as important is to look out for the opportunities that are offered.

University is an experience that will fully mould the average student in a way that all the other forms of education could only dream of, it seems like it can be scary because it’s the last step in education before the real world comes crashing down like a tonne of bricks. The truth is that there are so many opportunities that waiting to be taken (some are presented to you and others must be found), the opportunities offered by universities are probably the best way to spend the time as it will take any student leaps and bounds closer to achieving their goal. (Besides learning that is)

This isn’t to say that fun shouldn’t be had since all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but to go to university without any intention of taking advantage of the opportunities it offers would mean that the preparation hasn’t been handled properly. Just so that I don’t sound like somebody preaching a bunch of nonsense, I’ve been in university for two years and I’m about to take my final year, there has been lots of opportunities for me to take and I let them pass. I’m not in a bad position but I could be doing a lot better and that’s a predicament you should look to avoid.

University may not seem like it but it is preparation for life, however you take it how you want to.


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