Does Kanye West really deserve his reputation?

Kanye West

Kanye West is a polarizing individual and has been one for a decade now, whilst he makes good music (no pun intended) his attitude and portrayal by the media cause a lot of people to think hard about how they feel about him. He is somebody that most people love to hate and to be honest there’s not much that he does to try and change that, probably because he really doesn’t care however does Kanye West really deserve the reputation that he has?

Kanye West is known for being childish at times such as when he stormed onto the stage at the 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards or when he interrupted Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, he’s also made a lot of statements that could be perceived as outrageous, one particular statement that comes to mind is his belief about George Bush’s stance on black people. Kanye West is well known for the regard with which he holds himself, he’s not one that seems to care much for the concept of humility and all of these things help to contribute to the reputation he holds around the world however it could also be argued that Kanye West is just being himself.

Naturally Kanye West comes across as an outspoken individual and it just so happens that some of his words are a little strong but at the end of the day he goes around saying what he thinks whether the public agrees with him or not. Obviously there are lot of people that don’t like him and they could think of many unsavoury words to describe him as but it can’t be denied that he does what a lot of people tell themselves to do and that is to be himself rather than putting up a front for society just so that he can be judged more kindly by the masses.

This doesn’t mean to say that Kanye West is right to do everything that he does but it does mean to say that he can’t constantly be hated for being real. In society so many people talk about how there are too many ‘fake’ people and it’s really easy to see why people may be ‘fake.’ It seems that when somebody is ready to be themselves then it causes a negative reaction which ends up signalling to people that they can’t be themselves for very high possibility of them not being accepted by society.

For a lot of people it’s definitely hard for them to argue that they wouldn’t want to be in Kanye West’s position, going to fashion shows, award shows, radio appearances etc. Though that means dealing with the media more often than necessary. To be honest Kanye West could do with a break from the constant bashing that his reputation takes as most people would hate to be hated and looked down upon for being real. This doesn’t mean to say that I’m a huge supporter of Kanye West however it is refreshing to see somebody who’s so openly real in a world full of ‘fake’ people and if Kanye were to actually change his attitude it would probably mean that a lot of people in life would adjust their attitude.


Should humans be allowed to decide who lives and dies?

The Death Note

Whilst it’s not necessary to watch Death Note, it may help you to understand this post better.

There are a lot of series that people will watch that will make them ask interesting questions about life, some of which can be very pressing issues and one of those series is Death Note. Having watched a few episodes of Death Note it brought an interesting question to mind. As humans should we really be allowed the right to decide who lives with the intention to kill those who have proven that they are bad people?

The premise of the series is that a young man (Light Yagami) finds a book (the Death Note) which allows him to kill anybody as long as he’s seen their face, knows their name and writes the person’s name in the book. He proceeds to use the book to kill anybody that he deems evil in an attempt to create a perfect world. Along his path there are people who disagree with what he does and attempt to stop him with the belief that he himself is evil.

As humans, we already make the choice as to who lives and dies through court and other means, of course it depends on the country that you live in. There’s also the fact that not everybody agrees with the court system but what if a random person gained the ability to kill people just like Light and set out to make a world like the one Light desires, would that be right? Even if it was, isn’t there something inherently weird about humans trying to play the role of God?

For some they may argue that if a human gained the ability to play God and killed those who proved themselves as bad people, it would be great due to the fact that the people who are dying, are dying in order to make the world a safer place however there’s also the fact that not everybody in the world has the same opinion of one particular person so while some will agree that if somebody plays the role of God and kills off ‘bad’ people it would be a good thing, there will be detractors arguing that the people being killed off aren’t objectively bad and even go as far to say that the human killing off other humans is the one who’s evil.

The question itself is a very tricky one which requires a lot of thought due to the fact that it doesn’t really have a right answer, both sides of the spectrum are easy to understand and the primary motivation for both when you really look at either side of the argument is that human life is sacred.

The chances are that something like this will never happen however it’s very interesting to think about the possibilities of a morally ambiguous question.

Racism needs to die!

Say NO to racism

On the weekend a football game between Manchester United and Leicester City took place and it highlighted two problems. The first being Manchester United has a serious problem defensively and it doesn’t look as if the attack is going to outweigh it for a little while and the second being that racism is still very alive in football which is appalling.

During the match Manchester United let a 3-1 lead slip by conceding four goals in the space of 20 minutes and naturally comments about the situation were made, one comment that received specific attention was a tweet from Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli who said ‘Man utd … LOL’ as a Manchester United supporter it was extremely annoying to see a comment from a footballer at a club that also spent over £100million only to have started the season terribly as well. What was worse were the comments that followed.

Mario Balotelli was bombarded by a host of derogatory comments about his race which is just unacceptable! It’s understandable that fans would be angry about his comment but that isn’t an excuse for racial slurs to be thrown around especially considering the work the FIFA does to eliminate racism from the sport. It was widely reported that Balotelli was subject to racism in his home country Italy and it’s sad to think that it followed him here to England.

In a country that is very multicultural there really shouldn’t be any space for racism but unfortunately it’s still around and the comments that Balotelli received speak volumes about those who made them. It’s shameful that people use the internet to make these comments and it’s worse that they feel safe to do so just because they can deactivate their accounts on social media within a moment’s notice.

Personally speaking, it doesn’t make any sense to me to see somebody insulted for the colour of their skin. It’s not as if people are granted a choice as to what colour they are so why should they draw hatred for it.

With that being said it was good to see that large number of people immediately tagged the police once the racist comments started flooding in or who knows how far the would’ve gone. Hopefully those who were guilty of making the comments will be brought to justice as well. It seems like a dream now but hopefully racism will die one day.

Quick thoughts on Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan

Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan

Warning: This post contains spoilers.

Being someone that enjoys anime, there will always be time for me watch it. That being said there are a lot of anime series out there that will cause people to speak highly of them, in fact people will regard the series so highly that it will just make its way towards the ears of many anime fans without them having to do research on it. The latest in a long list of anime series to come to my attention was Shingeki no Kyojin, (Attack on Titan) this series has had people talking for a while now and naturally it meant that I was going to watch it, which turned out to be a good choice.

The series is very enjoyable and is set with of fast paced fighting and no matter how of it you watch you’re always left wanting more. It’s understandable why people regard it so highly, it feels more realistic than most anime that this pair of eyes has seen, it has a great host of characters that actually appear to be useful to the plot and it doesn’t waste time in getting to the point. Things like these make it a shame that it was only 25 episodes long but that fact fades very easily with the anxiousness of the season two premiere.

Looking at this series, there are a lot of things that it did well, one of these things was the portrayal of the main character Eren. In pretty much every anime, it is the main character that has to rise to the occasion and save the day but there a lot of instances in which it will be prophesied or due to minimal reasoning and maximum training the main character will overcome the odds however in Shingeki no Kyojin, it makes sense in how Eren is meant to save the day, whilst the anime doesn’t explain his ability to turn into a titan, it’s implied that it has something to do with his dad and the series uses the shocking revelation of his ability to launch an attack against the enemy. With Eren’s ability to turn into the titan, he is shown as a reliable figure but the series does well to point out that he’s far from the strongest which helps to make him more human.

The plot of the series is clear from the beginning and doesn’t appear to add any unnecessary twists, on top of that the characters still have their individual motivations and relationship which manage to neatly slide into the story. I haven’t read the manga however the way that the story progress really does bring the idea to mind as I know that I won’t be disappointed with what I read.

There is a lot worth mentioning in the series but the main point is that the series is excellent and the praise that it receives is well deserved. Any anime fan that hasn’t watched Shingeki no Kyojin should really watch it ASAP.

Preparing for university, preparing for life

Preparing for university can be a stressful experience but when you’re in a position where you’ve done it before it suddenly doesn’t mean as much. For the most part you know what to expect from university (clubbing, social activities, learning etc.) so that leads the mind of a university student to wonder about things that can be done to improve the time spent at university, whether it be taking part in extracurricular activities, doing more learning outside of class, (more than advised that is!) or just spending time on hobbies with the possibility of taking it further.

Whilst at university lectures and workshops will be skipped out of laziness or some other reason that really isn’t just good enough but it’s no excuse to go and do something that won’t build to the future in anyway whatsoever. Preparing for university will obviously mean worrying about academics but one thing that is just as important is to look out for the opportunities that are offered.

University is an experience that will fully mould the average student in a way that all the other forms of education could only dream of, it seems like it can be scary because it’s the last step in education before the real world comes crashing down like a tonne of bricks. The truth is that there are so many opportunities that waiting to be taken (some are presented to you and others must be found), the opportunities offered by universities are probably the best way to spend the time as it will take any student leaps and bounds closer to achieving their goal. (Besides learning that is)

This isn’t to say that fun shouldn’t be had since all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but to go to university without any intention of taking advantage of the opportunities it offers would mean that the preparation hasn’t been handled properly. Just so that I don’t sound like somebody preaching a bunch of nonsense, I’ve been in university for two years and I’m about to take my final year, there has been lots of opportunities for me to take and I let them pass. I’m not in a bad position but I could be doing a lot better and that’s a predicament you should look to avoid.

University may not seem like it but it is preparation for life, however you take it how you want to.