Deep Jeffrey is back!

A few years ago, I read a tweet from someone and she stated how she had reached a stage of her life where nothing was interesting anymore. She couldn’t find a way to get excited about things so it seemed as if she was just taking each day as it came, not really expecting anything. I read that thinking she was talking a lot of shit. In a place like England (or any 1st world country) how could you get to a point in life where you don’t look forward to anything? It turns out that there are a lot of ways and as I get older, the words from the lady’s tweet begin to make more sense.

I wouldn’t say that life isn’t interesting, it is but it feels like the further I get into adulthood, the easier it feels to disengage with things. It’s not one of those situations where I actively choose not to give a fuck about things going on but rather, I can’t be bothered and it’s a lifestyle. I saw a joke about Millennials where it said that they’re good with computers and want to die all the time but I can’t lie, it kind of has some truth to it. Maybe with the amount of things that we have at our disposal, it’s easy to develop a mentality where we feel that we have time to get around to things and so we don’t have to take anything too seriously, or maybe we have really short attention spans so we don’t allow anything to interest us for very long (this might be it). We live in a time where we could learn anything on any given day so I can understand why it’s so easy to tune out when we’re being slapped in the face repeatedly with content.

It’s interesting how in a time like this, the internet has made the world completely accessible and yet, it’s easy to tune out and be in a box with a less than optimistic view. It’s an age where practically anybody can do something to help progress society (maybe noticeably) and with all the knowledge that is a search away, things just don’t seem so engaging. I feel like this isn’t just a social media/internet thing because when some people are put on the spot, they don’t know what their hobbies are. I don’t know if it’s down to indecisiveness or habit but we create a schedule and then that somehow becomes life, as if our brains don’t want to support their own (or ours… I guess) decision to try something new.

There are a few things that I can see excite people. Memes, arguments (on social media and real life), cats, the little things that don’t really need us to use our brains fully. If nothing seems interesting then I may be approaching life all wrong.


Quick thoughts on Shokugeki no Soma (Season 2)


(possible spoilers)

I’ve once again achieved my final form, watching anime series quickly and realising how much I enjoy watching them! I just wanted to get that out there before writing about Shokugeki no Soma season 2. This season picks up where the previous season ended, at a cooking competition called the autumn election where most of the main characters take part in an elimination tournament to decide the standing for the top students of Soma’s year group. It’s followed by a short arc where Soma goes on a placement to further improve his skills. You might remember the questions that I asked in my thoughts on the first season (if not then you can read here) because they still apply.

Since the show came back for a second season, I guess a story had to develop here and that was the tournament itself. There were brief explanations on the characters that the episodes focused on but the biggest main character of all was the cooking. The show didn’t have to slowly build towards anything thankfully because the intensity that was built up at the end of the first season continued into this one. I can’t say that I cared to learn more about each of the characters especially considering that I struggled to remember their names, my investment was in the dishes. It’s hard not to wonder what kind of twists are going to be put on the food, at first I thought it was just a really good imagination but then I learned that a professional chef contributes recipes to the series. I don’t think there were any moments that stood out for me but it was still a good watch. I feel like a story is slowly developing here and there happens to be a third season so maybe I’ll be proven right.

It was a lot easier for me to have an expectation of this season having watched the first one. In some senses it was more of the same which wasn’t an issue, in another sense it seemed a bit more focused since minor characters for the most part were limited to continuing each other’s sentences when explaining what major characters were doing. There was some more insight into the other major characters and their backgrounds, but to be honest I really didn’t care. This is one series where I feel like every character could get away without having a personality because they are all accessories to the food. Every time I saw the show trying to delve further into a character, I switched off, hoping that they would get back to presenting the food. In a way, the background did add to the cooking since one thing mentioned was for characters to find a style of cooking that represents them and I think their past individual experiences were meant to show that.

This series is a weird one for me because it’s not outstanding, the characters are found everywhere in shonen and somehow it’s reeled me in and made me want to watch more anime. I didn’t think I’d ever have the same amount of interest in anime after watching Mnemosyne but this show continues a wave of good anime that I’ve watched since then (Berserk 2016 counts, it’s the animation that’s truly holding it back). It might be one of my favourite things about this show that it managed to be better than what I expected and despite seeing everything in it, I don’t really feel the generic parts lessen the quality (and there are a lot of those).

I could see myself watching this season all over again because when it comes to this show, I don’t care about context and I won’t bring myself to do so. I’ve never really watched cooking anime, I’m really huge on the battles and fist fights so sometimes I’m weary when exploring new anime but it’s reactions like the one that I’m currently having which makes it worthwhile. I got through this season faster than I’ve gotten through any other anime in a while which is a good thing as I’ve realised that I’ve gone from wanting to get through this ASAP to looking forward to the latest season.

Other thoughts:

  • I’m going to start writing names which I haven’t mentioned throughout the post
  • I was interested in Megumi vs. Ryo but then it kind of became a match of power vs. friendship. Yuck.
  • Hisako killed a turtle and that might be the darkest thing I will see in this show.
  • Subaru Mimasaka might be the most interesting character in this show.
  • Soma made a wager against Subaru and showed no emotion. I’m scared he might be turning into Ayato.
  • There’s a character called Akira Hayama and he should be referred to as the Spice God.
  • Ryo and Spice God had the wildest game of duel monsters I’ve seen since Yugi vs. Marik
  • There were a few references to other series in this season, I caught Berserk, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Jojo’s Bizarre adventure (and I haven’t even watched that yet)
  • The ending of the autumn election wasn’t what I expected.
  • Soma was humbled more than once this season so the dude has a limit.

Thoughts on Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma


Have you ever eaten something so good that you wanted more? Have you ever enjoyed a plate of food and realised that you’ve finished it too quickly? Have you ever just had good food in general? These are questions that Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma had me asking as soon as I finished the first season. The truth is that those questions are mild considering how food is portrayed in the anime. Imagine eating something amazing and it drives you straight into an orgasm, that’s pretty much Shokugeki no Soma. The series is about a teenage chef called Soma Yukihira who joins the Totsuki academy, an elite culinary school after his father closes down the family diner. Soma’s aim is to improve his cooking skills so that one day he can defeat his dad in a cook off, high stake cook offs also happen to be a big part of the culture in the academy where they’re officially known as Shokugeki.

It would be wrong for me not to start off with the fan service, there’s so much that I actually feel ashamed watching this in public. The fan service in this series kind of makes sense though, when looking at the way cooking is presented in this show from the opening credits, to the way the characters speak about it and the results of the cook offs it’s clear that cooking is what this show uses to replace fighting. It’s hard for a series to make cooking food look good if Gordon Ramsay isn’t involved and that’s where the fan service comes in. The effect of eating food from elite and soon to be elite chefs in this series is so immense that it sends characters on the receiving end of the food into fits of pure pleasure and I have to admit that I can’t think of a better way to display it than visually showing that the food is sex in your mouth. I’m not a fan of fan service, I find myself disliking it more year on year however (I can’t believe I’m going to type this) it makes the effect of the food more meaningful even though the show tends overdo it. I have to give props to this series just for its reasonable use of fan service (most of the time), I don’t know when I’m ever going to ever going to say that again (hopefully never).

This Family Guy clip is the result of a shokugeki in a nutshell

This anime really made me hungry every time that I watched it. It’s so clean in the way it’s presented, bright and vibrant colours really do the trick when presenting food and the good artwork did help too. The food choices were by far the most interesting part of the show, I honestly didn’t care for episodes that had no cook offs (or some kind of cooking challenge) in them. For me, the intensity in the shokugekis was created by the mystery of what each character was going to use in their dishes. Seeing the finished dishes made wonder if I could ever cook on that level because I was honestly getting dinner ideas. The food completely outshone the characters, I didn’t care much for their background in relation to the food they made, sometimes I didn’t even care for the cooking method, once I knew that there was food to presented I just wanted them to get to it as fast as possible.

I have to admit, I don’t care much for the story. It kind of reminds me of the way that I view Dragon Ball Z, there’s a story there which the characters are contributing but the transformations and the fights are the real selling point. It’s the same for Shokugeki no Soma, the food is what matters and outside of the first paragraph, I honestly couldn’t explain what the story is. The story isn’t a bad one but it’s not the strongest element of the series, the further in I got with the anime, the more I became invested in shokugekis. I struggled to remember most of the characters names and when I looked at the characters, I felt like I had seen every single one of them in a different anime (I feel like I’ve said this before). Maybe the show was self aware in that sense, there was character development but I think one thing the show did to make up for the generic parts was to add comedy which worked well, especially in the early episodes.

I didn’t know what to expect from this series but because of other anime that’s on my list, I thought that I would get this over with quickly. That hasn’t gone to plan but I’m happy at the amount of time that I’ve taken to watch this because it ended up being better than I expected. This is really one of those shows where the individual parts come together and make something greater than it should be and I like that, I like being proved wrong in this way because anime isn’t something to be dismissed, you can really block your blessings when judging on first impressions.

Other thoughts:

  • Soma is the chef that I tell myself I am when I take a cook from frozen burger out of the oven and slap some cheese on it.
  • This anime could have been about who slangs the best D and it would have progressed the same way.
  • Erina Nakiri has an elite backstory. Dead Serious.
  • The humour was enough to make me overlook the fan service at times.
  • This series shows that women hate each other for no reason.
  • Soma got one of his opponents wet by flipping onions. One day I’ll have that kind of power.
  • Totsuki is very happy to expel students, that can’t be good for business.
  • A student got expelled on a serious technicality and it made me like this series even more.
  • Soma had a character pray to him. Seriously, God needs to give me whatever he has.
  • Every time Soma gets ready to cook it reminds me of Ash flipping his cap backwards in Pokémon.
  • The first op has singing fish. Not important but worth writing.
  • Before the first season finished, the show made sure to display the abilities of all the characters, even the less important ones.
  • Is Umami the only thing that matters, so many dishes in this series happen to utilise it.

Love what you do…

Me being told to pursue my dreams with LOVE

Have you ever looked at a YouTube channel and realised how far they’ve come since the beginning. The journey from somebody being a fan of something to eventually being acknowledged by people in that industry and invited to said industry events where they’re most likely paid to promote whatever is purpose of the event. I can tell you that I’ve done it a lot of times and it makes me think that I should be aiming for the glamour and VIP treatment of the industry related to my goals. I don’t think about that for long though because motivations like that are considered somewhat impure.

When it comes to being successful and achieving things, I often hear that if I chase the dream then I need to chase it out of love because everything else won’t sustain on the journey and I wonder why that’s the case. Having a motivation must be better than not having one right? Is it something to do with love not being as materialistic or fleeting as something like that the adoration of multiple people or the possibility of having sex with random people regularly? I don’t really get it if I’m being honest. I’ve had days, months even where I’ll sit down to write and I have no desire to type (or put pen to paper) and I can tell you that writing through times like that are draining so I would rather that I write because I think of the money it could get me rather than not have a motivation for doing so.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with doing something because you love it but sometimes I think that concept is overly romanticised and there’s so much importance put on doing something that you love that if you don’t LOVE what you do then there’s no point in doing it. A lot of people don’t know what they love despite having done many things they enjoy and I think it can be a hard question to answer, especially when you’re put on the spot. Seeing someone make a crazy amount of money from a blog and using that to fuel your desire to blog isn’t such a bad thing, the evidence is physical, it’s right in front of your face and because somebody has done it, it shows that it’s attainable.

I’m sure that love may show that you’re in the journey to achieve your dream for the long haul and it MIGHT keep you going when you endure hard times on the road to success but I don’t think that’s a really strong argument. Nearly everything is hard when you don’t really have any idea of how you’re going to achieve it, chances are that when you go after a goal, everybody that’s achieved said goal has struggled as well and there’s a good chance that they were aware of the struggles of their predecessors.

Wanting to achieve a goal is always a start, knowing why you want to achieve a goal is even better, for the most part there is no right or wrong motivation. If it keeps you going then I think that’s good enough.

Some thoughts on being safe

You never know what someone’s intentions are once you meet them and that’s scary! There are so many people in the world who are something else (don’t know how to describe them) and it makes me think about how lucky I am every time I step outside of my house and make it back safely. It’s so easy to get caught up in something crazy whilst minding your own business and all it takes is meeting the wrong person, maybe even less than that. It can seem like a given that we’ll make it through each set of 24 hours as they come but we’re never truly safe once we expose ourselves to the outside. I’ve been thinking about this recently and it shows me that I should be grateful for each day because I’m only so far away from a point in life where everything could shake up and never return to how it was.

Sometimes, I read about things like random acid attacks, knife crime and other things and I always wonder how a situation comes to that conclusion. In some situations, I get that it may be a long standing problem but even then harming someone else isn’t the solution. We never know what’s going to happen to us on any given day but when it comes to fearing the worst, it’s crazy to think to that we’re justified in thinking that we could be murdered for no reason, beaten up badly, held at knife/gunpoint for something that is replaceable and that doesn’t begin to cover how many fucked up things there are going on.

I want to think that some people can justify their shitty actions but when I look at some stories, I can’t empathise with them. Everybody goes through shit and in some cases it’s deep rooted but it’s a shame that for some people, being a product of their environment ultimately ends up them negatively affecting everything around them.

On any given day, we could come into contact with someone who only means to do us harm and in a lot of cases, we won’t see it coming which is why we have to appreciate the days where we wake up, leave our houses and get back home safely. We can’t live our lives spending every day inside even though that might be one of the safest ways to get through the day (and most boring) and we can’t be worried every time that we step outside either. We have to go out for many things and because of the kind of people there are roaming about, it really does make me think that seeing a day through to its end whilst being safe is a blessing in disguise.

Work thoughts: Yourself

When we get to a certain age, it’s expected that we’re in a serious committed relationship or married. I have no idea why this is but I feel like it can lead to an unnecessary pressure to not be single, as if it’s a curse, like we were born in a relationship. I see that some people feel like shit for not being in a relationship which is crazy. Personally, I think the worst pressure comes from those people who relationship hop or just fuck around freely kind of mistaking it for a relationship and one thing these guys like doing is making statements implying that being single is a thing of madness.

“How do you manage to be single?”, “I can’t be by myself too long!” and some other good shit. I get how being single at a certain age doesn’t make sense to some but it’s not a curse. One thing that it screams to me when people say this stuff is that they don’t/can’t entertain themselves. You’ve got to be able to entertain yourself, it’s essential. Those times where you come up with a funny thought and laugh to yourself, or when you’re listening to some music with seriously good vibes and you do a few dance moves because nobody is watching to tell you that your dancing is depressing are all vital and it’s weird that people can’t relate. If you can’t entertain yourself, I don’t think you’re going to be able to entertain someone else as much as possible.

I can’t say for sure but I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of single people are able to do things and enjoy their own company. There shouldn’t be a reliance on other people to make you feel positive about yourself and when it comes to the subject of relationships, it shouldn’t matter if somebody is single in their 30’s and beyond. There definitely comes a time in life for relationships but it shouldn’t really be out of the desire to not be single and even if it is, I’m. It sure why single people have to hear about it. Everybody is different after all.

I wouldn’t say that a lot goes into being single but that doesn’t make it an empty void of singleness begging to be plugged by someone else.

Random thought

Sometimes, it feels comforting when I see someone say they don’t know where they’re going in life. To an extent, nobody really knows where they’re going but when looking at success stories it can be easy to forget. For someone who does know where they’re going, it’s not always like that and that’s reassuring as well. We only get one life and throughout the early years, we’re kind of expected to know what we want in terms of career and achievements but to know that, there also has to be a plan on how to get there and that plan is hard to make.

Life is unpredictable, that’s just the way it is and everybody knows it. We also know that the only true way is to move forward, regardless of what it brings. Nobody wants to seem like they don’t know what they’re doing, it’s an unspoken thing and I think that’s part of what makes it so reassuring to learn that other people are trying to find their way through. It’s a journey that everybody takes so nobody should ever have to feel pressured to want or achieve certain things. I feel that the attitude towards living life and working towards a goal is to believe that the end will eventually be reached (as long as you put in the necessary work).

As I’ve gotten older, it feels like a duty to have everything figured out has developed but it’s not one that I asked for (I’m guessing that’s part of the whole adult thing). I could be going about my life in a way that’s different to the norm and when I see everybody else doing the norm, it makes me question if I’m doing things right when I should be evaluating if I’m still achieving the goals I set for myself. Whatever the case is, it’s good to know that I’m not alone in navigating life (or my lack of) because going through life without knowing what can happen is normal and it shouldn’t be looked at so negatively as long you’re not stagnating.

Not to say that I’m happy when people don’t know where they’re going but it’s nice to know that figuring life out is a universal process that doesn’t have a time limit.

Questionable lyrics

Is there a better face for this post than this?

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these questionable lyrics posts but that just means that I’m mostly listening to music where musicians are behaving these days. I said in the last post that musicians have bars that definitely weren’t vetted before making it onto the final product and without doubt it’s going to be the case until the end of time, the real question is if these lyrics are ever going to be explained.

This edition is sponsored by one of the most elite rappers to ever grace us, Nas. I refuse to argue with anyone who doesn’t believe Nas is a top tier rapper because if it was to ever get to that, I’d throw you in a car and personally drive you to the most specialised of ENT’s (or a neurosurgeon). I don’t think any more needs to be said on Nas’ ability however, just because he can rap that doesn’t mean he can get away with saying some suspect shit. The bar in question is from his song ‘NY State of Mind’ where he says “I ain’t the type of brother made for you to start testing, give me a Smith and Wesson, I’ll have ****** undressing.”

(Me when I recently heard that line)

It’s not a completely unbelievable line where you have to ask what’s going on. Nas probably means that he’s going to rob people for the most expensive bits of clothing that they have on them but for the sake of this post, I still have to share some thoughts. Maybe it’s me but when someone says they’ll have another person undressing, I can’t help but feel that it means to get them fully naked. If we’re going with what I’m saying about Nas having ****** naked then the question is why. It’s actually happened in real life where people rob others and make them strip, I think it’s supposed to be humiliation thing but that’s just really weird. Think about it, you’re minding your own business and somebody comes to rob with a weapon, furiously demanding that you strip. You’ll probably do it but you’ll have some questions as well because it’s impossible to argue that it isn’t necessary.

To be fair, hip-hop is full of lines that make people say “what the fuck?” It’s like when people get into the studio, they just let anything out. I can only wonder what happened in the studio, there was definitely that one person who heard the bar and thought ‘I don’t know about that one, bro’ but didn’t want to publicly say anything because everybody else in the studio was bopping their heads to the beat. For the people who’ve heard the song, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve questioned doing unnecessary shit when robbing someone, yet praising the same line which talks about said unnecessary shit.

Thinking about it, I want to take as what I first assumed where Nas meant robbing expensive shit like watches and chains because as I write this post, I feel like I might be making a discussion where there isn’t one to be had. Still doesn’t change the fact that it’s a wild lyric that snuck its way onto one of the best songs I’ve ever heard.

Thoughts on Berserk 2016 (and 2017)



If you’ve watched the 90’s Berserk anime, then you know at the end Griffith evolves into Femto for the small price of a couple of souls (a bargain as far as anime I’ve watched goes) after that it goes a bit iffy and to somehow Guts ends up setting out on a journey to search for his once best friend (I’m missing some details but this is really what happens). The ending left a lot of questions and mine was where do they go from there? Tragically, the answer is that Guts is now in a coma and imagining everything in 3D. I might not be telling the entire truth here but everything is definitely in 3D (this is important). Berserk 2016 (and 2017) kind of starts from where the 90’s series left off, it seems as if Guts is still after Griffith but pretty much everything and everyone he comes across is a distraction that he more or less accepts.

Me when I find out that I can get ultimate power if I sacrifice everybody who’s ever believed in me

The last part of the previous paragraph about Guts seemingly being after Griffith is what the show felt like. It was like the show expected me to have read the manga so that I could fill in any blanks, like Guts’ companion Puck’s introduction or how Guts escaped with Casca from the void filled with red faces. I was shown the progression of the story but it felt like context was lacking, especially with Guts. Guts is shown to be a character who keeps people around him at arm’s length but in this case, anything that wasn’t related to Casca was shown complete apathy by him. That’s why it seemed like the characters who joined Guts came across as distractions rather than companions that Guts didn’t mind having around. I did some research and it turns out that the anime skipped A LOT of details and tried to make up for it by mashing the details it did include together but the result wasn’t so great. Moving further into the anime, Guts’ focus looked like it shifted from Griffith to protecting Casca then eventually just moving forward because a story can’t progress if the main character is stagnant (if I’m honest, it was like after Schierke met the main characters she became the main character). So many characters were established and I’m not sure if there needed to be such a rush to do so because it felt like all the characters were extremely diluted and just about enough was done to follow the source material. The most interesting story development about Berserk goes 3D was when Guts donned the Berserker armour, but that came so late into the show that it was near impossible to explore (they must have done this with the assumption that a following season would come) and once again the ending of the anime didn’t really set anything in stone.

Watching Berserk 2016 (and 2017) showed me that the anime itself isn’t bad at all, in fact I bet that if I read the manga chapters which covered the show, I would have been excited because Berserk seems like a good story. For someone who hasn’t read the manga and only did a bit of research, I got the feeling that the anime didn’t adapt the manga well and that didn’t do any favours for the show or the viewers. At the end of the second season, it was implied that the show would be back at some point. I wouldn’t mind seeing Berserk come back as long as the anime isn’t approached the same way that the 2016 and 2017 series were. It’s important to know what’s going on in a series and it damages the experience if the show makes the assumption that the viewer is aware of everything that’s happened, especially if it doesn’t plan to clear things up.

The weirdest thing about this series was the animation. I’m not used to seeing CGI dominate anime like how it did Berserk and I don’t have a problem if that’s the art direction that it wants to take but one of things that attracts me to anime is how amazing it is when the animation is done right. I don’t have to say that Berserk got it wrong but I’m saying it anyway. There were times that I got past the animation because I was getting into the story and those are the moments of the show which displayed how good it could have been but there were at least twice as many times where the animation was hard to ignore. So many times through the course of the show, there were scenes which looked so unnatural and awkward, Guts killing a rabbit to cook it in the first episode of Berserk 2016 and every fight scene in the show comes to mind. When anyone talks about Berserk: The 3D Experience the first thing that they go to is the animation and it’s easy to understand why, it’s right in the viewers face, even the greatest effort couldn’t ignore it and it does a lot more than negatively impact the story. A lot of the emotion is missing from the show as well as the tension and implications of a lot of scenes because of the quality of the animation. Everything falls flat and as much as I want to, I can’t find a way to justify why the animation is so bad. Outside of the story, most of the things I questioned in this show came down to the animation and it was disappointing to see that the animation didn’t get better as the series went on, in fact episode nine of the 2017 season had some of the worst animation of the series. There’s a lot to say about the animation but to be honest, with how much I’ve read on this series that points to the low quality animation, it’s boring to be another one of those guys who spends a lot of time going in on it, just watch the series and see for yourself where all the criticism comes from (I’m not going to type animation anymore).


When I watched the 90’s Berserk, one thing that I pointed out was how some episodes didn’t really make use of the soundtrack. It was very different this time around; times where the soundtrack was used sparingly were rare, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. Not to go on about the a*******n (which I’m going to do again) but it seemed like the show needed anything it could use to take attention away from it. The soundtrack was good but some songs were completely misplaced (Griffith’s rebirth comes to mind because it could have used something like this) and given that the show had already drawn a lot of WTF’s from me, this didn’t help. I couldn’t help but feel that the soundtrack would have been more epic if the a*******n was better but whoever composed it did a good job.

I’m not a hardcore Berserk fan so I’m not super offended by the choices the staff made when producing the show but, I can see how the hardcore fans might have been pissed off with the result. It’s clear that the story is good and the way this version of Berserk was delivered shouldn’t take away from that, personally I reckon that it only adds to greatness of the story to see that the quality was present despite the adaptation and if Berserk does return, it can take the criticism on board to create something that people won’t be disappointed with.

Other thoughts:

  • The opening theme is ok but it’s no ‘Tell Me Why’
  • Sometimes, watching this gave me the feeling of watching an abridged series. There was a moment where the Holy See were torturing people and Farnese didn’t want to look but Mozgus made her look and I couldn’t take it seriously
  • They never explained what happened to Casca and why she’s so childlike
  • Serpico and Farnese’s backstory is confusing. He got beaten up and then she came and told him that she owns him. Ok.
  • The impulse that made Guts want to rape Casca wasn’t explained so basically, he’s a piece of shit like Griffith
  • So many people want to rape Casca, what the fuck?
  • When Casca, Puck and Isidoro met Schierke it reminded of the seabear episode of Spongebob
  • Why do the apostles worship Griffith specifically instead of the God Hand?