Loyalty and football

This picture is so perfect

The concept of loyalty in football is a weird one, I want to say that it’s pretty much the case for all sports but I’ve never really looked at fans of other sports enough to make this point about them. In football, we know that fans can be emotionally attached, just think about which team you support. In all honesty, I think the attachment leads us to believe we’re closer to the people and teams that we support than we actually are and it actually makes us look stupid every time we get a chance to display it.

Have you ever experienced one of your favourite players leave a team because they thought their prospects were better elsewhere? How dare they right? The time we spent supporting them, buying merchandise with their names on it, arguing the case for why they could never be considered shit at the sport and they just leave, throwing everything in our faces. What about the fans? What about them actually? Why does their opinion matter? It doesn’t, we’re not owed anything by the players, it’s their career after all. They set their goals without our consent and will do what they feel is necessary to achieve them.

From the fans perspective, they suspiciously lose sight of the amount of practice a player has done to perfect their craft, they forget about the sacrifices that players have made and what the player’s personal dreams are and this is pretty much all for what? Brand loyalty? I think what’s even crazier is that if a footballer is at a club and they don’t really perform to the club’s standard, the fans turn on the player so quickly, as if the player has personally insulted them. I do like the way that fans can feel linked to the club but sometimes it’s just confusing.

We resort to things like name calling when a player leaves a club but we’re not in the right, the player hasn’t really committed a crime, fair enough they’ve broken some hearts but is it really to level that they can be abused? Probably not and I feel like most know this but do it anyway.

No matter how we look at it, we can’t ever truly find justification for feeling like we own players because we don’t, it’s just business. When we leave a job for a better one or we see our colleagues do the same, we wish them the best and tell them not to be strangers, why is it so different for footballers (and possibly other sportsmen?)



When people see someone thinking differently

Are people allowed to have an opinion these days? The way that social media is set up would have you believe the answer is mostly no. You can only have an opinion as long as it falls in line with that of the majority. Why? How can so many people talk about wanting to be innovators and influencers then start acting like sheep? You can see how that doesn’t make sense, for me it’s a contradiction and it seems like nobody speaks on it because they’re scared of being branded something that loads of other sheep will latch on to.

I know that social media doesn’t represent the majority but it is powerful and there are so many people who form their opinion based off social media. It’s not a crime to think differently from others, that’s what humans are meant to do, that’s what helps us grow (even though it can be destructive) and it helps to set people apart. Acceptance doesn’t work if people are just going to mimic the opinions of those who are popular, if that happens that only fuels the ego of those who find that their opinions are seen as correct by others and what is that supposed to achieve? There are some opinions out there which are shit but the truth is that if a person says something unpopular and they receive abuse for having said opinion, they’re just going to keep the opinion and have it in private and then it seems as if there’s no space to be yourself in life.

Being stressed from trying to fit in

When it comes to opinions, I always see people demonising others for having a separate opinion especially when it comes to issues of fake outrage. By now, I’m sure we all know what happened with August Ames. She made a comment along the lines of how she’d prefer not to work with a man who has shot gay porn. Everybody has their preferences and you’d think that’s not a big deal however, she received waves of abuse from people for that opinion. We’re now in a time where people are more accepting of the LGBT community but if someone doesn’t want to really be involved with the community, then just exclude them rather than bullying them into having a way of thinking that they don’t want to have because that shit can go far, as it did in that situation. There are certain buzzwords which will get you in trouble but what’s worse is that if you give it three days, everybody stops caring.

Everybody is different, although this super politically correct climate is trying to do its best to convince everybody that we’re all the same, we’re not (unless you’re talking about being human). We all have different experiences, upbringings, influences and other things which help to turn us into our final form and that’s something that seems to be in danger of going out of fashion (publicly). You see how things get when you’re trying to live by ideals that aren’t realistic (lack of a better word), there are opinions that shouldn’t be embraced but for the most part having a different opinion is harmless, if it causes a productive conversation that makes sense but it’s really telling of a person who’s willing to dismiss somebody for thinking differently (unless it’s support for racism, paedophilia, rape and other fucked up things).


Random thought

Me when I’m about to watch porn

What is it about porn that makes it watchable? We’ve all done it, on an unsuspecting day where you’ve felt horny and it seems that porn is the only option and after, you’re filled with whatever emotion porn makes you feel.  The actual concept of porn is so disturbing when you think about it, paying (maybe, possibly, probably… not) to watch two (sometimes more) strangers have sex on the internet or watching one person do sexual acts. From what I understand but don’t quote me on this, only 4% of the internet is porn but most people prefer to spend their spare time on their computers watching it.

There are lots of genres of porn so there’s a little something for everybody out there, there are also a lot of good looking people in the porn industry as well. Those are the only pros I can think of when it comes to the viewer, everything else is just a little weird, I’ve had this thought loads of times about porn (not that it’s actually stopped me from watching it) and it seems like one of life’s greatest mysteries to me. I’ve heard that porn is a multibillion dollar industry which I kind of believe, I feel I shouldn’t but I know that sex sells. In terms of media, I always thought that the idea of sex sold more than the actual act because seeing somebody dressed so sensually leaves a lot to the imagination whereas watching it is something completely different.

I won’t even lie, sometimes I’ve viewed porn and thought ‘Damn! How are they pulling that off?’ but it’s not every time and I even ask of myself what makes it watchable when I’m viewing it out of boredom. I know there’s variety when it comes down to it but let’s be honest, with each genre that you watch, you know exactly what you’re getting. It ends up becoming repetitive, usually there are better things that can be done but it’s still a beloved pastime for many. For some it’s addictive and I don’t think I get it, it doesn’t make sense, I get people watching it regularly but when you really think about what it is, how does even get there?

For me, when it comes to porn my major sticking point is that it’s strangers having sex on the internet and we watch it for entertainment. Imagine, two random people having sex publicly and watching that, the reaction wouldn’t be the same. Watching porn almost seems so normal that people are able to talk and joke about it and only share disgust at the worst kind of videos (usually the ones involving two women and shit). I’m not saying that it’s completely wrong to watch porn (although I think some religions ban it) I’m just saying that the attitude towards it is surprisingly casual considering what the actual act involves (which I’ve not articulated too well). I’m never going to get my head around it and what makes it watchable, when it comes to porn, I’m a slave to the rhythm…

Quick question time

Question time

I’ve got another question and I’m not even sure why I’ve never asked it. If a man gets a woman pregnant and tells her that he’s not ready for the child and the woman chooses to keep the child, is the man wrong for walking away?

It’s a tricky situation to be honest, when it comes to pregnancy there are too many angles to look at the situation from. My personal opinion is that if the man has let the woman know what his stance is on the baby is and he’s explained to her why he’s not ready to be a father and the woman decides to keep it then there’s nothing more that he can do. I don’t think he’s at fault for leaving because from the very start he was clear about everything. You do have to flip it to see the woman’s point of view, if she wants a child then she wants a child and ultimately the choice is hers given that the child is going to grow inside her.

In the situation, both the man and woman are selfish so it depends on how you look at the situation as to which is more understandable.

So I ask again, If a man gets a woman pregnant and tells her that he’s not ready for the child and the woman chooses to keep the child, is the man wrong for walking away? Let me know what you think.

Nostalgia sucks…


I don’t really play remakes of games unless they’re Pokémon ones, sometimes I wish upon a gaming star (or sometimes to the game lord) that EA would just do a damn remake of SSX Tricky but it looks like I’m going to have to pray harder and sacrifice more Bubsy 3D discs, anyway… When it comes to game remakes, I don’t always see the hype given that the original can still be brought and would probably be good fun to play. I went against my usual thought process on this when I found out about the Crash Bandicoot N Sane trilogy and eventually ended up buying it; what I learned from this is that nostalgia sucks.


Going through the games, I still got the same satisfaction from smashing crates, getting gems, and spinning stuff but I guess that’s to be expected. It made so much more sense as youngling, maybe because as kids we all like doing shit that’s kind of stupid upon further inspection (how do you even get rewarded with jewellery for breaking and eating shit?). When you look at how complex some games are today, you realise that nostalgia is the main fume that remakes run on so it really depends on your attachment to the original or it might actually seem as if these games don’t age too well.

I’m a big fan of the game (who doesn’t like themselves an orange Sonic the Hedgehog) but with the good comes the bad. When I first found out about the remake of the Naughty Dog trilogy, I was excited, I won’t lie but that’s because of the memories of how good I was at those games (except the original Crash Bandicoot), playing remakes gives you a dose of reality it seems. Once the nostalgia wares off then the frustrating reality sets in, there’s so many things that I could name about the game that pisses me off but that doesn’t really contribute much to the point of this post. The thing that I’ve noticed about remakes of games is how they manage to get everybody into their feelings about what’s to come and how you can have the joy of being your 8 year old self which is alright I guess, but at the same time I feel like it can throw expectations of said game out of the window.

I personally find it impossible to temper my expectations when I see games that I like making a comeback, but clearly doing that would help to avoid any ill feeling towards the game when it eventually comes out. There’s only so much that a remake has to work with and the rest of it is pretty much up to the consumer, the idea of not expecting a game to be like the original when it’s the remake of one is kind of stupid when you consider it but at the same time, expecting a game to be like the original means that you’ve got to adopt the mentality that you had when you first played the original which is impossible to recapture in my opinion.

I’m still hoping for that SSX remake but I don’t think I’m going to let nostalgia drive me a powerfully as it did before.

It’s about the characters and story

One of the best characters ever!


When it comes to combat sports, they honestly have the best characters. I don’t really get why the following isn’t as huge as say football and I most likely never will. On top of having the best characters one thing that sports such as professional wrestling and MMA have to offer is storytelling and I love myself a fucking good story. All sports can’t really utilise the storytelling element to the same degree to the level that combat sports can and when I think about it, I feel like that’s a bit of a shame because every sport could benefit from it.

Combat sports are beautiful because they give me VIOLENCE! Maybe meaningful violence but violence nonetheless and that really helps the storytelling (I just wanted to write that). From a personal standpoint, I feel that storytelling is important but when I look at it I think that it’s underrated even in combat sports. Let’s look at pro wrestling for a little bit. People love to talk the actual people who are involved in the sport but they don’t talk about the dynamic between sportsmen and women as much and how that can create something special. The best feuds that I’ve experienced in wrestling have always been driven by good storytelling, remember CM Punk vs. John Cena? Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels? Or even Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz? It’s truly an art to be able to get from point A to point B with a story and although it’s not always perfect, wrestling manages to do this well and evoke emotions from the fan base who are passionate as well. For me it’s these things which help to make a sport extremely memorable, because we like to remember the moments and that’s exactly what a story is comprised of (along with character development and all of that other stuff). When it comes to other sports, they usually rely on an emotional attachment for people to be interested which comes from some kind of personal investment, it works because we are emotional creatures but I reckon that the attachment is more likely to disappear with a sport like football as opposed to pro wrestling or MMA.

Personally when I watch football, if I begin to pay a lot attention, it will usually be towards the characters which there aren’t many of unfortunately (because everyone wants to be professional… OVERRATED). People like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Jose Mourinho and Roy Keane don’t come around often so it’s only natural that I’d pay more attention to them than other footballers and managers. Unfortunately most footballers are completely vanilla so I’m unable to have any kind of interest. It’s different for pro wrestling and MMA, in a way I could say that MMA is more similar to football because some fighters are full of life whereas others only become interesting when it comes to the dynamic that they have with other fighters. In wrestling, you only need to look as far as The Undertaker or Roman Reigns to see how invested people are and the beautiful part is that it’s not only them. With pro wrestlers, if their character is strong enough then we’ll truly feel their impact and I think CM Punk is a testament to that, it’s been 4 years since he left and we can still hear chants for him.

One thing that all sports share is that they provide an escape from reality, but there’s something about a good story which is just so much more enticing. When I watch a good storyline in wrestling or I see a good press conference before a UFC event, I always ask myself how is it going to boil over. I also find that I have more to talk about when it comes to sport when there’s a story behind something. Every time that I look at the most interesting sports personality, there always seems to be a story that follows them.

Life and people


Sometimes I want to say that people can never be uninteresting, now we know what a fucking lie this is but there are a lot of people out there who are interesting. Meeting people and getting to know them is one reason that I’ll always say this is because of the different viewpoints that people have on life and what it is that fuels them (if it’s racists they can fuck off). There is so much information in this world and so many different experiences so when you meet someone you honestly never know what they could come up with (even if you feel that you’re a good judge of character).

I like to be agreeable and a lot of times when people talk to me, I feel like I can see the point of view that they’re coming from (was going to abbreviate part of that sentence but that doesn’t look so good thinking about it). One thing that I tend to talk to people about is money and the value of it and people will either say that it’s everything or it’s nothing but when going further into it, the reasons vary so much. The other day, I had a conversation with someone who told me that being a billionaire comes at a very huge price, one that he doesn’t believe is worth it. He told me that if I ever wanted to be a billionaire, I might as well get it out of my head or proceed at my own risk. Usually, when I talk about money, the people that I speak with will make the conversation lean towards the evils of the government, I personally don’t focus on that stuff because regards of what I do, the government will continue to commit its evils.

Me being agreeable

Money is only one thing, I hear stories of people embracing their inner scumbag in ways that I could only dream of, I hear stories of people doing some of the craziest things on holiday and getting some serious shit out of their system and don’t even get me started on the amount of times people have talked to me about cheating. The best thing is that when people talk about these things, not everybody will agree with it which will lead to an interesting discussion (unless you’re on twitter). This is definitely one of the better features when it comes to humans.

Random thought

My face when I have this kind of thought

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what you want from life. Life honestly can give you a taste of the things that you want although it won’t ever openly do this, it will always have a catch which will eventually have you on a train of thought wondering about its intricacies and if you’d ever be able to successfully rob a bank like it’s a movie. I love the idea of making money in my sleep; it’s possible even if it’s not likely. Let’s be honest, if life allowed humans to live whilst only being worried our basest desires I think most would take it without a second thought. There are people who are pretty close to this and they are greatly admired especially by those around my age.

BCE (Before Current Employment) I was on Jobseeker’s Allowance not being worried about shit except for getting into employment and whilst I had 24 hours to do whatever I wanted in a sense, being there sucked. How could it suck when I was practically where I wanted to be minus the money? Leaving that stage of life made me think about how I don’t want to be on JSA ever again or ever be like what I was but the thing is that my end goal to eventually be in a similar situation. I can see how people would look down on someone on JSA who does whatever the fuck they want with their day and would look up to someone who has all the money in the world and does whatever the fuck they want with their day but I still find it weird. Think about it for a second, when somebody doesn’t have a job and might be trying to do something with their life, it’s easy to brand them as a loser whereas the person who has achieved what they want and lives the lifestyle where they do what they want and don’t care anything could be admired for finding an alternative way to live life when it seemed that there was none.

Some people want to be in that safe space between being a child and being an adult but only if it works in a certain way. I don’t ever want to be on JSA again but it’s weird in a way, I feel like I could say that I was winning and you could say that those who are on JSA in the position that I was in are winning even if some would describe them as being behind. Just a thought.

Edit: The winning for JSA is minimal, I’ve seen some people that are on JSA and they’re completely happy to stay there.

Quick question time

Question time

There’s only so much time in this world. This is true and I know that a lot of people, myself included have and I want to know what people think about this. I saw a video which implied that we have this mentality because of the education system and I thought that this was interesting.

When we go to school and we learn the subjects, we’re not taught those subjects to the fullest, we’re only taught enough to pass a test which supposedly decides how good we are at the subject. We’re given a time limit to learn the subjects which contributes to us only needing to know a certain amount for our ability to be considered acceptable. It’s a little crazy to me if I’m honest because when I think about this, I remember that when I was in school, there were three sets (top, middle and bottom) and different grades were expected of each.

We’re not overtly taught this stuff but there’s always the looming possibility of failure if we don’t abide by the guidelines that we’re set and I see this when people talk about things like their career. Now I have to ask, does the mentality of people feeling that there isn’t enough time stem from the education system?