Thoughts on Hunter x Hunter (2011 series)

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After watching the 1999 version of Hunter x Hunter, it was only right that I watch the 2011 version especially considering that has all the hype. What do you call a boy who admires a man actively trying not to have a relationship with him? Gon Freecss, you call him Gon Freecss. The 2011 version of Hunter x Hunter for the most part kind of assumes that the viewer watched the 1999 version or is at least aware enough of the arcs that the 1999 version covered so, it serves as detailed recap until the Chimera Ant arc. In that time Gon leaves his aunt’s house only to occasionally return as he’s too busy being caught up in shit that shouldn’t really concern him but hoping that it will somehow lead him to his dad.

There are some differences between the telling of the story in this version and the 1999 version, I think the most obvious difference is that this version doesn’t take itself as seriously and can be extremely whimsical. I did some research and it turns out that some people feel that the 2011 version of Hunter x Hunter captures the spirit of the manga better than its 1999 counterpart. The 1999 version of the show takes viewers from the Hunter Exam up to the Greed Island arc and personally, I feel that it does a better job than the 2011 version because of the detail and the darker direction. There’s a lot to enjoy with this version but when looking at the direction of Gon, Killua and Kurapika, it makes sense as to why the ’99 version might be considered better. The aesthetic of the ’99 version really helps the Yorknew arc to shine, especially when considering that Kurapika loses his calm demeanour and commits murder which honestly left me wondering what would have happened if it had covered the Chimera Ant arc. That being said, there were moments that the 2011 version did capture better than the 1999 version such as Hisoka getting off to Gon’s potential during their fight in the Heaven’s arena, Uvogin’s requiem and the volleyball match on Greed Island (especially when you take in the fact that Lil B the BasedGod sampled the ost to make a legendary tune).

All respect to Hunter x Hunter for inspiring the BasedGod

Despite my preference for the 1999 telling of Hunter x Hunter, that doesn’t mean to say this version of the show didn’t do a good job. It did an excellent job. The animation was stand out from the first episode, I couldn’t believe how good it was and then I saw that Madhouse covered the production which made sense. For me, this was basically watching the continuation of a great story, I could have started at the Chimera Ant arc but watching the arcs that came before made it come together better. Anything I could say about the portrayal of who the main character was, I feel was already said when I wrote about the ’99 version of the show. It was something that the series continued to do well, the feeling of believing that everybody in the story was important.

The Chimera Ant arc was definitely the main event of this version. Before watching, I saw that it was highly rated so I avoided reading why it was great so that I could make my own conclusions. The stand out character of the arc was Meruem who really felt like the main character most of the time he was on screen. I enjoyed watching Meruem gain a sense of humanity and essentially abandon his destiny, due to the respect he gained for a supposed lower life form. To see a character who was born with everything ready to be taken by him, throw it all away for the simplest of reasons had me wondering where he was going to go. I think part of what made Meruem so interesting is that he couldn’t understand his growing humanity and in the end, still didn’t seem to understand it but was able to decipher what was important to him. There truly was never a chance of him being out and out defeated in a fight but as the arc went on, he seemed like less of an enemy and more of a possible friend who desperately wanted to understand himself. Meruem easily had the most touching moments and it was made better by the fact that there was a clear positive growth in his character.

Gon also stood out for something that came back to haunt him. Throughout the series, Gon was never shown to be the strongest character but he did have a lot of ingenuity which helped him especially early on. The only time I can really think of where Gon’s weakness was so clearly shown that he could only come to resent it before the Chimera Ant arc was when Hisoka grabbed him during the first stage of the Hunter Exam and he struggled. Outside of that, Gon had always found a way to manage. Having overcome so many obstacles, only for his weakness to be displayed before him without him even getting the chance to do something about it left Gon in a bad way, but as the arc went on it became clear that the weakness he felt was a plague in need of a cure. At first I didn’t really get it but then I had to think about it and it made a bit more sense. Gon as a character has always been extremely concerned about protecting those he cares for; Gon also wants to meet his father who keeps putting obstacles in his way, I felt like Gon may have felt unworthy of completing his goal when his weakness was shown to him. Unfortunately, Gon went down a similar dark path to Kurapika’s, allowing himself to be consumed by the negative feelings before ultimately acting upon them. Gon’s selfishness really prevailed in this arc, before the Chimera Ant arc, Gon was selfish but it was more understated. The crazy part was that it was satisfying to see Gon take the burden of his weakness all on his own just so that he could nearly throw away his life for a little bit of redemption. The best part in all of it was how Gon’s potential was shown, however, he never got rid of the weakness and it served only to hold him back further in the end.

When it comes down to Hunter x Hunter, it’s clearly a matter of preference as both tellings of the story are good and both will leave you wondering when the manga is going to continue. There isn’t much for me to say that isn’t already out there.

Other thoughts:

  • Meruem gave out so many free pimp slaps, he deserved to be king.
  • A very important lesson from the Chimera Ant arc. DON’T TAKE OUT LOANS!
  • Some may say the moral of Meruem’s story is not to trust these h*es…
  • Netero went out like a boss.
  • The narrator really talked too much during the Chimera Ant arc.

Thoughts on Children of the Whales


Surfing through Netflix’s collection of anime is pretty hard. Netflix is meant to make shit easy for me by just showing pictures of interesting looking shows and letting me pick one, only thing is that a lot of the anime there doesn’t look interesting. That in mind, I settled on Children of the Whales, a shoujo series following the residents of a moving piece of land called the mud whale as they somewhat unknowingly steer their way into danger, after a quick expedition to an abandoned piece of land.

Something I didn’t explain in the first paragraph is that there are two kinds of people who live on the mud whale. The marked and the unmarked, the unmarked tend to live long fulfilling lives and as they grow older, some get put into positions where they govern what happens on the mud whale. The marked don’t tend live past their 30’s however, in return they have the ability to fight using something called ‘thymia.’

I’ve never watched a shoujo before so, I was surprised when I saw the main character Chakuro and most of the main male cast were feminine, the few male characters that didn’t have feminine traits still looked feminine. This show caught me off guard if I’m being honest, it was high on emotion but not like Fairy Tail; any time that this show came close to getting me in the feels was because it was sad. The first scene in the show was a sad one but it was weird because throughout the scene, Chakuro was told not to cry and although he failed and began crying, the presentation of the show made me think that it was still going to be a light hearted story. There are so many bright colours and smiles throughout the show but the first scene really does set the tone for the show.

After watching the show, one of the earliest thoughts I had was that living on the mud whale was depressing. It feels like the show tries to distract the viewer from this at times but it’s still something that the viewers should notice. Pretty early into the series, there are a lot of deaths and the reason for them has very little to do with the victims. It’s sad to witness but initially it’s easy to think that death is a plot device to keep the series moving forward until later on it becomes undeniable that death surrounds everybody on the mud whale. It’s depressing because, throughout the show, children are killed, children are taught to kill and more or less the marked live to die. Chakuro acts as the light in the dark as he likes to record events that happen on the mud whale which can be passed down to future generations but he’s also aware that he can’t escape his fate. Despite the attitudes of the characters and the aesthetic of the show, it’s clearly depressing but because of the attitudes of the characters and the aesthetic of the show, it’s something that’s hard to accept.

Of all the Netflix anime, this is easily the best visually. I went from watching Devilman Crybaby which is still hard to describe from a visual perspective to this which is so nice to look at. Even when I felt bored by the show, I found that I could just look at the drawings and appreciate how great they were, so much so that I wondered what this show would look like if I were on the drugs. The drawings were what I enjoyed the most, since they were just about the only thing that didn’t have a depressing undertone to them. The soundtrack was also good, it worked so well with the art since both were smooth. It never felt like this series was meant to amp the viewer up at any point and even though that’s what I’m used to, I could appreciate that this series made me think about the situations surrounding the characters.

It was hard to look at the story because there was so much to unpack and it was only 12 episodes long. The ending of the show implied that there would be another season which would be worth the watch, it was very clear from around episode 10 that things were only truly getting started which is crazy considering how many people died. The story itself could develop into something seriously interesting but I care more about how the show is going to continue to catch me off guard because most of the revelations in the first 12 episodes weren’t what I expected. Usually, there comes a point with anime shows where I begin to think that I know it all so I feel like I can accurately guess what’s about to happen but this kept me guessing.

This is the fourth Netflix original anime that I’ve watched and I guess it makes it 2 and 2 now for good and bad anime. Scores aside, it’s always a good feeling when I find a series that I can keep an eye on.

Other thoughts:

  • I wonder if there’s a growing sense of resentment between the marked and unmarked.
  • There was a character dancing whilst murders were being committed. You could say that she had a whale of a time (I had to do it).


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What does this truly have to do with Stormzy?

When I look at certain news outlets and the stories they write about people, it’s clear that they’re trying to get a high readership. The headlines tend to give it away because at times, they can be damaging to the people who are named. Originally, I thought some journalists would consider that it might be kind of unethical but having seen as much of it as I have, I’m not sure that they’re bothered by what they write. To be fair, if a journalist constantly argued against the subject matter of the articles that they were asked to write then they’d probably get fired (unless they were freelance) and when you’re unemployed, your bills are still hard at work.

Is it wrong of journalists to write articles, knowing that they could be damaging to certain people? There’s always the chance of the organisation that the journalist is associated with being sued but it seems like a risk that a lot of people are willing to take. It’s a tricky situation in my opinion, because as a journalist you can’t stop to think about the feelings of the people you write about. It’s a cut throat business and if one person isn’t willing to write something then there are plenty of others who will do it no questions asked. The damage that the articles do to the people in question most likely don’t affect the journalists greatly since they have no relation to them. Ethically, the profession can get to the point where it’s considered despicable but, it’s hard to find a way around what’s required of you.

Don’t get me wrong, I reckon if a proper discussion was held about the ethics in journalism and what people are willing to do to put food on the table then maybe the standards associated with the profession might change but, at the same time, it’s a little much to ask. I think one thing everybody can accept is that journalism takes advantage of the interest that your average person has in someone else (celebrities in particular) as well as our attraction to sensationalised things. It might not always be respectable but it gives us something to talk about and from those discussions there are a lot of things that can come of them. No matter how much we chide journalists, for disregarding the respect that they should have for the names they write about, we do find it interesting and we respond which is justification enough for journalists and outlets to continue those same practices.

There aren’t many jobs that I can think of, if any outside journalism which are ethically shit but understandable in its own way. As much as I understand it, I can’t say I agree because I’ve seen news outlets target people, then try to wash themselves off their actions in a bid to self preserve which is pathetic.  The craziest thing for me in all of this is that there will most likely always be a space for journalism and ethically grey practices because there will always be an audience to entertain it.

Quick question time

Quick question time

If you were offered your dream job but got told that you had to work between 15-19 hours per day would you take it? Not too long ago, I read up on random jobs that I saw people talking about online and I looked at the life of a mangaka (person who produces manga). There are only so many ways that you can say ‘fuck that!’ and sometimes, those two words aren’t enough to describe how unwilling you are to do something.

I looked into the pay and saw that in some cases it can be very rewarding but like other jobs, you’ve got to make a sacrifice. It turns out that your average mangaka works themselves almost to the point of exhaustion to put out content (kind of makes sense why there are so many good manga out there). Chances are that most Mangaka works at least 15 hours a day and don’t get enough time to have a good 6-8 hour sleep.

When it comes to jobs, we’re told as some point that we should do a job for the love of it but love only takes people so far. I’m all for following dreams but at the same time, I want a career with a schedule that works for me. I’ve been in a position where I’ve worked more than 15 hours in a day and I don’t see myself ever doing it again, even if it’s for a job that I really want to do.

With that all being said, I’ll ask again, if you were offered your dream job but were told that you had to work between 15-19 hours per day would you take it?

Thoughts on Devilman Crybaby


A while back I started browsing Netflix’s anime selection just to see what it was like and that turned into a search for a good Netflix original anime. Finally, I found it! Devilman Crybaby. A very fucked up story about humans and demons which shows how fear is a serious shortcoming in humans and how irrational we can be as a species. The main character is Akira Fudo who is turned into a demon under some very unusual circumstances, he doesn’t fully become a demon as he retains the very heart and emotion that makes him human so he dubs himself a hybrid. A devilman.

I heard that this was Netflix’s best original anime by far and after watching Last Hope, I needed something to restore my faith in Netflix’s anime selection, especially considering that they have some really good original live action series and animation. Devilman Crybaby did that job but I now know to wade the waters of Netflix cautiously; the previous two Netflix original anime I watched which left me 0/2 on good anime aren’t exceptions to the rule meaning that going forward my expectations for any anime are pretty low.

Back to Devilman. The show has two very interesting characters, the first being the main character Akira and the second being his buddy Ryo Asuka. Akira is a mild mannered coward who is pure of heart and when he becomes a devilman, his personality completely changes but in spite of that he still manages to show the best of humanity. Ryo is more manipulative, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goal, even if it’s of benefit to others which is shown a few times in the show. The interesting thing about these two is that they’re friends, more so in the anime than the manga and the consequences of the first episode really helps to drive home Akira’s willingness to believe in humanity. I mentioned earlier in the post that Akira gets turned into a devilman under some unusual circumstances and basically, it’s all due to manipulative nature of Ryo, yet despite what Ryo does to him, he accepts it and continues to become a demon hunter alongside him. Over the course of the series, both of the characters are shown to be very human in their own ways, as Akira has a lot of admirable virtues, whereas Ryo is more what you’d expect from a human in the sense that he ultimately wants to preserve himself and whoever is important to him.

The anime is made a bit more modern in comparison to its manga counterpart and is very explicit, so watching it in public is only for the fearless. I read the manga and it made me appreciate how the anime was handled because a few original characters were added and some storylines were changed. Despite that, I think the adaptation still remained true to the original source material and the original characters didn’t take away from the quality of the story, the show really didn’t skip a beat.

The story was more emotional than I expected, Akira went through a lot pain when he became a devilman. Every other episode he was close to, or he lost people who were important to him and when you put that with information you receive about him from the first episode, it makes it easier to emotionally invest in him and to see if he achieves his goal in the end. The further the story progressed, the more it felt like only a few people in the series truly deserved anything good. I wrote a little about fear and how it was a shortcoming of humans and this was displayed closer to the end of the series. The purpose of Akira as a devilman was to protect humans from demons but I couldn’t help think what’s the point? Without spoiling the show too much, it felt like by the end of the show, there was no redemption for human beings and they ultimately got what they deserved.

The art style was crazy, probably one of the weirdest art styles I’ve seen for an anime ever. I had to really get over it before I could start appreciating the show, it wasn’t terrible but the art coupled with the running animation was just…


This is one of those shows that I feel I can’t really talk about how great it is without giving spoilers which is a shame. I’m glad I didn’t watch this first because it feels like my search for a good Netflix anime was rewarded. There’s so much to talk about with this series especially when comparing the differences between the anime and manga and how they both made the plot work. One viewing is all it takes to realise how great Akira and Ryo are and the situation surrounding both of them.

Other thoughts:

  • I heard this series inspired Berserk and I think I can see how
  • The ending was satisfying and unsatisfying at the same time
  • There are some rappers in the show and one of them sways a character by rapping to her so now I have to rap to any woman I like
  • Not really sure why characters didn’t always pay attention to the over obvious demon possessions in the show

Sports talk: Women

When it comes to sports, there’s a huge difference between how men and women are treated especially when it comes to pay. I’ve heard a discussion before where people ask if women in sport should be paid on equal terms with men. I don’t think it’s a good question to ask, from how I see sports it doesn’t make sense. It seems like one of those conversations that people have so that women don’t complain about it. I will say this, in certain sports, a real examination is needed in terms of how women are taken care of and perceived. It’s hard for the public to care about a certain section of sports, if the responsible sporting bodies don’t show that they care.

I don’t know how much women get paid in comparison to men when it comes to sport but my belief has always been that in sports you should be paid based on what you draw, then based on talent after but not on equality. Payment based on equality allows certain people to piggyback off what’s supposed to be a positive movement and it devalues the thing. That being said, I do think it’s good to ask if the same amount of money that goes into men’s sport should go into women’s sport. Women’s football (soccer) for example doesn’t draw as much as its male counterpart worldwide but FIFA should still look to give women’s football the things it needs to continuously grow in terms of quality and following. Personally, I think women’s sport should see similar levels of financial investment (I don’t know about advertising deals but definitely from the governing body) as a start; it could go a long way.

I heard that when it comes to women’s football, women have to pay for their own travel and they probably have to pay for other things (I don’t know how true this is) and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was like this across all sports. I’ll admit, I don’t watch women’s sport and again I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of men don’t but there are women that do. Even if women don’t watch, it shouldn’t have to be an uphill struggle for sportswomen to see themselves thriving in the industry. The chances are that there is a lot of potential for women in terms of what they can achieve and I think of Serena Williams as a great example. She’s easily one of the best and most marketable tennis players in the world and across sports there could be a variety of women who are superstars in their own right due to talent and how much they draw if more investment was put into their side of things.

I think some steps have been taken to improve the standing women have in sports over the past number of years. UFC allowing women to compete is one, WWE having three women main event WrestleMania (although I might have to talk about this in another post), Spain taking more of an interest in women’s football and FIFA adding women to their roster in games. The way I look at things, governing bodies across sports should do what they can to make women’s sport seem as interesting as their male counterparts. Every time I’ve heard about women’s sports in the past, it’s seemed like only the women involved in those sports had a true investment which isn’t good. There are plenty of benefits that come with women’s sport but I think they won’t be noticed until sportswomen and their craft get acknowledged and treated as elite.

Work thoughts: perfection

Is perfect a trap? People love saying that nothing is perfect because humans are flawed and all of that so I’m guessing by extension, anything we make is flawed, especially if we’re trying to make it in our image. It’s all a bit confusing to me, I won’t even lie, I sometimes think that the statement isn’t something that shouldn’t be read into too much but it’s also part of human nature to read into things that aren’t there.

Anyway… that first paragraph has nothing to do with what I’m trying to say but don’t feel like you’ve wasted time reading it because I appreciate you! I sometimes think about perfect and people wanting to get things just right and I feel like I get it but at the same time I don’t. Perfectionists like to approach their projects as if there’s going to be a point where the light shines and they know everything is right and because of that it causes things to take time. There’s nothing wrong with putting a lot of time into a project, but over time the definition of perfect can change and it can ruin everything.

I don’t see much that’s great with the perfection concept, I think sometimes it only serves to confuse someone’s vision. There can be a point where you decide that everything you’re doing isn’t good enough and it might even be high quality. I think the worst thing is when your expectations become so high that you mentally talk yourself out the goal you’ve set yourself. When you set yourself a goal, doing something of a high quality should always be the plan but a lot of care should be taken when the perfection thought starts creeping in.

Ideas are always getting better and the world is evolving everyday. Perfection in that sense is a myth.

Thoughts on Last Hope

These guys…

Having watched Hero Mask, only to find it wasn’t very impactful, I made a vow to find a good Netflix original anime to watch (it turns out people think there aren’t many) and I came across Last Hope. When I think of this anime, I put my lips together to make the pssh sound because I really don’t know how to describe this one. The anime follows the story of a worldwide crisis where technology and wildlife have fused together and evolved into organisms called Biological Revolutionary of Accelerated Intellect (BRAI) and mankind’s reaction to it. The main character is a man called Leon Lau, who lives as an outcast alongside his sister Chloe after having been blamed for the crisis. He’s called to a city called Neo Xianglong to help find a solution.

I tried, I really did but this series is down there with some of the worst anime I’ve ever watched. It’s not often that I find an anime boring but this one ticked that box quickly, expeditiously.  I’ve usually finished shows I’ve started so, I willed myself to watch this show but from the mannerisms I had whilst watching it, I didn’t even need to convince myself that I didn’t enjoy it. The premise of the story is interesting, probably one of the most interesting premises I’ve heard in a while but that can only take you so far. The show doesn’t start off badly, Leon comes back to Neo Xianglong, disgraced from the incident that he caused and he’s now back to redeem his name but that’s about as interesting as Leon and the show gets. The show gives an insight into what caused the current situation and the effects being suffered  as a result but it just doesn’t come together well. There are a few things the show did which I expect to see from any show in order to immerse myself, the background of the characters, what they’re fighting for, the moments where the characters bonded. It definitely gave me what it needed to, to get me interested but it still didn’t work.

The thing which stuck out to me most as to why I didn’t like this show is the characters. All of the characters manage to get so much screen time just to display how uninteresting they are. I said the show gave me everything it needed to, to connect with the characters but the truth is these things were so extremely forgettable. I remember the basic gist of the things that made the characters tick but ultimately, it was a group of characters with traits that the story didn’t help to display well. I think the show tried to get Leon to come across as a laid back genius who’s also very aloof but instead, what I got was a guy who’s smart and stupid at the same time and never stops eating Mahua. What I said of Leon could be said of nearly every character with their individual traits. Outside of the story, it feels like the show just tries to fall back on the same jokes with each character, especially when they’ve just finished fighting an enemy and I honestly have no idea how to process that. The biggest sin of a character in the show by far was Cecile Soo, easily the most uninteresting anime character I’ve ever come across. I don’t know what they were trying to achieve with her, for the first season her biggest contribution was being the primary source of fan service and then it looked like the show promoted her to some kind of guardian, which didn’t really do anything for me. It really looked like whoever was in charge realised Cecile’s lack of contribution and had her thrust into a slightly bigger role to justify her screen time. There’s so much to say on the characterisation and I haven’t even touched on the antagonists but what I’ll say is this, the show sets up the characters well enough to have interesting arcs but when it comes to execution, it actively misses the mark.

Head done fucked up
My mind trying to figure out what this show is doing.

I honestly gave up with the story by the time I got to season two. It got to a point where I started using my phone or turning my head away from the screen to do something else whilst watching this because it wasn’t gripping. I don’t want to say the show didn’t make sense but it felt like it tried to over-explain everything and there was a need to link it to some kind of science (or pseudo science). When a show takes itself seriously, there’s such a risk because the show has to have a lot of its storytelling elements on point. The characters contrast the supposed serious nature of the show since they’re so hard to take seriously. For a while, it was unclear where the show was going, all I knew was that humanity was under threat so all I could take from it was that humanity was trying to preserve. Season two had the show go in the direction of human evolution and how humans should evolve, everything else around that was a distraction to me but the direction itself was a good idea and that’s what’s so frustrating. Last Hope shouldn’t be amongst the worst anime I’ve ever watched, it should be amongst the best. The ideas that the show played with were good ones but the show could never really demonstrate what it was trying to do, even as I write this, I wonder what would have happened if the show had a better execution of its storyline and dropped certain characters. This show is one of the best examples I could use to say that execution matters, it doesn’t matter how many good concepts you have, if you handle them poorly it will show.

There was one thing in this series which made me cringe without fail. Family contract. There was a running gag which slowly became more important as the story progressed where Leon would do something silly and Chloe would complain at him, reminding him that he has a contract with her he can’t break. It went something like this, Leon leaves the house to go the store but doesn’t tell Chloe, when he gets back Chloe tells him off saying ‘Family contract article 828042. Tell me where you’re going at all times!’ You know, at first it seemed like a less charming version of the wedding crasher rules that Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson had going on in that movie but it slowly began to add to the mix of bad elements that didn’t do this show justice. There was supposed to be a developing story where all of the main characters become closer as a result of the incident at hand, which in turn would make way for them being incorporated into the family rules that Leon and Chloe had going. I can’t say that I didn’t see the characters becoming closer, there were enough scenes showing the main group hanging out with each other however, that didn’t justify the increasing prominence of the family contract. There probably should have been some emotional attachment that I felt to the family contract but getting closer to the end of the series, it felt as if it was being pushed in my face. It didn’t really make Chloe much more likeable when she kept reminding Leon and with the rest of the characters who were already struggling to be interesting, this just gave me another reason to want them off my screen.

Despite the explanation I’ve given (and could give) I haven’t done enough to show what makes this series so bad. I don’t feel this way about many shows (especially anime) but this is one of those shows that you have to watch to see how bad it is, otherwise you’ll never truly have an idea (or an accurate enough idea).

Other thoughts:

  • Chloe spends so many moments complaining and shouting Leon and her hair is also pink. Maybe that’s Sakura…
  • The first time I saw fan service of princess in the second episode, I told myself that this was going to be a weak series.
  • It took five episodes for the family contract to get annoying. The series is 26 episodes long.
  • There’s a character called Cain, he looks like Jet from Cowboy Bebop.
  • There’s a character called Doug, he shoots gun. He has a mech and the mech has a rifle. It’s excessive but it’s kind of cool.
  • Cecile’s crowning moment in the series was being shot. I’m not joking, that’s when she was at her most interesting.
  • I wish the series had gone with the evolution storyline from the beginning rather than doing whatever the first season was.
  • There’s a character called Queenie. In episode 23 she has a fight with someone at True Area 53 before teleporting to a dojo and back…

Quick question time

Quick question time

Sex work is taboo, sex work is kind of illegal (depends on where you live), sex work is degrading (depending on how you view it) but sex work makes money. Good money. These are things that I’d consider when talking about this subject and being asked how I feel about it. When I hear and see opinions on sex work, what I take from it is that it’s a divisive industry. Those who are in it have a clear view of the things that happen and have ways to justify being in the profession whilst those who aren’t involved feel very passionately about it. It makes me wonder, would you have a problem with your child being a sex worker if they said that’s what they want to do?

Not too long ago, I watched a documentary which followed the lives of two escorts. One of them was asked if she’d want her daughter to do sex work and she said ‘No fucking chance.’ I gave my screen the people’s eyebrow when I heard her say that because she never talked of having negative experiences as an escort yet, it’s like she acknowledged that sex work isn’t something people should do. A lot of people don’t like the idea of their children doing sex work, and view it as something that’s beneath most people even though it can pay well. Personally, I understand it, I get why people would feel a negative way about someone they love being involved in that industry.

The thing is people love sex and this isn’t a secret. It’s not a crime to love sex; I can’t say I see much of an argument to defend (or accepting it’s a good thing) being paid from it being good but it does get looked down on really harshly. When people link the value of another person to sex, I don’t understand it but at the same time, I feel like I understand the argument that you can’t value yourself too highly if you’re willing to do sexual favours with people you find unattractive for money (even if it is a lot). Sex work is a weird subject because it’s not seen in a great light but sex is sold to people from all directions. There are lots of thoughts that people generally have on sex which they feel no way about but actually having sex for money is what people see as disgusting.

I think there’s a misunderstanding when it comes to sex work or more so sex workers. Learning and understanding why they get into that industry might help to change the way the public sees it because there are understandable reasons to do so. That all being said, I’ll ask again. Would you have a problem with your child being a sex worker if they said that’s what they want to do?