Quick question time

Another quick question time! Sometimes I don’t have any questions to ask and that’s not right. I’m trying to get the point where I ask questions that make people stop whatever they’re doing just to think about the situation that I’ve posed.

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Me asking pressing questions that people have to think about

Imagine you’ve been in a relationship for around five years and you’re ready to take the next step, you want to get married so you discuss it with your partner to see if they’re on the same page. During the conversation, you’re partner implies very heavily that they see themselves getting married, just not to you. What’s your next step?

Looking at it, you don’t have to marry someone just because you get in a relationship with them but imagine being with someone for that long only for them to tell you the relationship is going nowhere. That’s disrespectful in my eyes, it’s a clear waste of time as well as a lack of care for what the other person wants. I doubt things like that happen often (if at all), I’ve heard about people being in relationships for the sake of security but five years is a stretch, that being said, I’m standing by what I said earlier.

The heartbreak in that situation must be immense which is why it’s interesting to find out what you would do if you were in that situation.


Thoughts on Berserk


(Possible spoilers)

Berserk. That shit is messed up and you know what? I’m fully here for (most of) it. It’s an anime that had been on my list for a long time and I finally got around to watching it. If I’m getting this right, there are two Berserk series and I watched the one from the 90’s so I’ll watch the other series at some point. Berserk is a story about a swordsman named Guts who pretty much on sights anything that moves, his supreme inability to control his sword erection earns the interest of a man named Griffith who forcibly recruits him into his group the Band of the Hawk, where the real story begins as they journey to achieve Griffith’s dream.

From the beginning, the anime didn’t even try to hide that it would have a dark tone and it tried even less to hide that it would be extremely violent. I really didn’t think that I would be rooting for anyone to get a good ending but as the show went on, I found that Guts to be a cool character, the fact that he disregards the part of his brain that worries about consequences really made the show engrossing whenever he was unleashing his expected dose of violence. Everybody in the series contributed their fair share of violence but Guts really took it to the next level in so many episodes, sometimes it wasn’t what he was doing but more so the volume. I’d like to think I’ve watched a decent amount of anime and despite watching the Asterisk War, when I see a ridiculously strong character who doesn’t have any power ups, I always think that it’s too good to be true. There’s always got to be a catch and in this case I thought it would be Guts’ strength and recklessness in battle causing his downfall.

I could talk about the characters but the only ones who were extremely important were Guts and Griffith since the relationship between the two had a big impact on the plot. Outside of those two, the only one who caught my interest was Casca, a captain in the Band of the Hawk who initially didn’t see eye to eye with Guts because Tsundere. When somebody wasn’t getting beaten up or killed, I looked at the background a lot, or should I say the lack of. The colours in the background just really seemed to mix and it must have had a good effect on me because of how easy I found it to digest the plot. When I see anime that pays attention to its background, it’s always a pro for me because that shows that everything in the show is meant to amaze the audience and really absorb viewers as if they’re there. I never gave much thought to how I would react if an anime didn’t put much detail into its background but it looks as if it’s a pro regardless because it means that I’m either paying more attention to the plot or I’m paying more attention to the world created by the show. The one time that I did see the background have a bit more detail was during the final two episodes and it’s weird because it could have just been a mesh of dark colours and it would have worked greatly.

In some episodes, I noticed a lack of background music which isn’t what I’m used to. One occasion that I remember this happening in was episode 6, for around half of the episode there wasn’t a lot of music and there was a fight scene in which I’d say Guts’ had his toughest encounter in the series, there was a lot of echoing from the sound of the swords so I’m guessing that there was supposed to be a real focus on the fight but I wonder what I would have felt if there was music playing. I wouldn’t say that it was a bad thing but it definitely showed me how important background music can be in a scene, the way a good OST can intensify the feeling of a fight scene or any other kind of scene is not to be underestimated. Thinking about it, it’s interesting that I managed to notice when there wasn’t music playing, I’m so used to music that it’s a given for me whenever I watch anime (and television in general). The lack of music in some episodes caused me to  pay more attention when music wasn’t playing and when there was some playing, it just got drowned out.

It’s been a while since I picked up an anime series to watch and Berserk helped me realise how much I missed watching it. Every time I finished an episode it felt like the 20 minutes had disappeared, that’s a dangerous territory in anime which I appreciate so much because it should never feel like a chore to watch a show. Just from watching this, I hope that there are more Berserk series to come in the future.

Other thoughts:

  • I’m happy to have learned that I missed watching anime after I said no more anime for while when I watched Mnemosyne.
  • There were some thugs antagonising a young girl in a bar and everybody present didn’t want to help. I’m calling that scene public transport in London.
  • Guts had an adoptive dad called Gambino and their relationship reminded me of Gaara and his uncle.
  • Guts made a soldier scared to draw his sword just by looking at him. I’d have him on my team in a fight alongside Goku and John Cena.
  • Guts killed a child, regardless of what happened that’s a bitch move.
  • Guts and Casca got soft towards the end of the series. I’m not here for that.
  • Part of the plot led to Griffith being imprisoned (I won’t go into it), when he was rescued the look on his face said “On my life, you’re all dead!”

Musicians and criticism

I don’t understand some musicians and their attitude towards criticism, especially rappers. Thanks to social media it’s become a lot easier for people to access musicians and share said musician’s work but naturally that means it’s easier for musicians to come across criticism. When I see people talking about how they don’t like a song that a musician has put out, it usually gets followed with a block or a response from said musician putting people on blast for not enjoying the work that they spent so long to perfect. No one likes criticism although it’s part of being human but no one is exempt from it, especially musicians, if anything they should really count on it.

Musicians receiving criticism from fans on social media

Music is for the public, so if you become any kind of musician who releases music for public consumption then you’ve got to accept that some people won’t like your stuff. What you can’t do is talk about how the consumers aren’t musicians so they wouldn’t know about properly critiquing music especially considering that’s not the attitude when the public likes a musician’s music. I can’t understand how people would want to release things to the public only to get pissed every time that it receives unfavourable criticism, I’m so sure that goes against the point. Putting yourself on the pedestal is a good attitude to have, because with everything in life confidence is needed but it can’t get to that point where you have such an excessive sense of self importance that you feel you’re exempt from all criticism. That’s nonsense.

It’s true that musicians have a skill that most don’t and some have developed that skill to such a point that they’re in a lane of their own but that’s the same with every profession. Everybody specialises in something and everybody also has an opinion on everything (or nearly everything) so I don’t really see how it’s valid to not want criticism on what you do especially if it’s from people who aren’t involved in the profession.

Criticism is a part of life and for the most part it helps us get better at things. It’s fair that people don’t like receiving criticism, but there’s not much that can be done about it. When you sign up for something you’ve got to be willing to take the good with the bad, in fact you don’t even have to be willing, you’re just going to take the good with the bad by force and it’s not going to stop.

Constantly blogging…

Sometimes blogging is confusing, if there’s one thing I’ve seen. It’s the ever present piece of advice that one of the best ways to take care of your blog is to constantly and consistently post. I understand the consistent part but the constant part doesn’t really sit right with me. It’s nice to know there are people who will read the things I post but for that reason, it makes constantly posting a hard task. After all, I don’t think it’s good practice to post for the sake of posting, the readers of a blog must be respected so it means they shouldn’t have to read posts written out of desperation.

Personally, I want to post at least once a month because I don’t like the idea of looking down the side of my blog and seeing that I’ve missed out one month. There may come a point where I have to give my streak up but that’s only if I really feel that I have nothing worth putting out there. Sometimes I feel like I’m being halfway lazy and I delete a post as I’m writing it because the readers deserve better and so does this blog (it’s a part of whatever legacy I leave when I’m finished). I could never see myself blogging a quick question time post to ask how many sugars people like in their tea or their favourite colour because it’s not interesting and I don’t care.

Me (on the right) when my streak dies

I see how constant blogging can work, but it can’t work for a blog like mine where I just post my thoughts on random stuff. When I first started blogging, I believed in constant posts, I think there was a short period where I posted every two days but that stuff got tiring and none of those posts were memorable. If I gained a fan base, I don’t think I could be the guy who blogs regularly because I’d lose it very quickly and I’ve never really thought about blogging actual news for engagement (unless it’s my take on a current event). What I’m saying is whilst constantly blogging is great advice it doesn’t seem as universal as consistently blogging (it might even be more obnoxious) which is why I don’t fully understand why it’s given as advice when it comes to maintaining a blog.

One good thing about advice on blogs is that it’s just that, it doesn’t have to be taken on board or you can adapt it, I pretty much do. Advice is useful but at the end of the day it’s not always going to be relatable.

A question on mental health

Over the past few years, I’ve seen more people around my age talking about mental health. Growing up, I never heard mental health being talked about too much but that’s probably because I didn’t pay much attention to anything that wasn’t entertainment. It’s good to see that mental health is a topic being taken seriously because with some conditions, I feel like they are sometimes brushed aside due to people who don’t really understand them dealing with people who are battling mental health conditions. I’m not a mental health expert, so I’m not in a position to talk about how it affects people even though I know that it’s serious and that brings me to my point (question).

Looking at mental health on social media, does it shine a positive or negative spotlight on the subject? In real life, I don’t really hear people talking about their mental health very much, it might be something that the people I know don’t feel comfortable sharing however on social media it’s different. It’s kind of commonplace but with that comes a lot of takes which become popular and it gets me asking questions. The thing about social media is when there’s a trend, everybody wants to bandwagon and find a way to get attention so it makes it hard to see who’s being genuine. So many people have come online to say that they suffer from depression for example but as insensitive as it sounds, how do we know that a good number of them just haven’t gone through a rough patch where they were feeling down, looked on Google for a definition of depression and saw that just a small part of how they feel matches the definition? Showing a trait of something doesn’t necessarily mean that you suffer from it, does it? There’s no doubt that people go through things which damage their mental state but I do question if all the people who claim to deal with mental illness actually do. I don’t think it would be surprising to hear that people are self diagnosed which really takes away from the seriousness, as I said before, I’m not a mental health expert but I think a lot goes in discovering if you’re dealing with mental health issues, even if they’re mild.

The bandwagon nature of social media doesn’t get me thinking near as much as people who do threads on mental health awareness, pointing out behaviours that might influence mental health disorders in others only to U turn a day (sometimes weeks or months) later and engage in the behaviours they were shaming. This is why I ask about social media and mental health, because as much as it seems that people are taking the time to educate and bring awareness, it also feels as if it’s being done by people who have no understanding of it. The fact that there’s a place in society for people to talk about mental health is good thing and it’s the kind of progressive that I like to see but given how social media is, it allows anybody to speak their piece and it doesn’t necessarily mean by speaking on it, they’re doing it justice.

I lean more to the negative side when it comes to my question and part of it is because I can’t help but feel that there a lot of people who are going through mental health issues that don’t think social media can help when looking at it. Social media will never give you the full scope of something, there’s also an attitude where people take a concept and run with it as soon as they see enough that supports what they want to think on it. At the end of the day, the people who know what they’re talking about when it comes to the subject are able to use social media as a platform so it’s possible that I don’t pay attention to them but it’s hard to find them amongst the people I’ve described.

Women/Female… Really?


When you call a woman a female

Social media makes up a lot of rules from the way that I see it; the popular personalities (or the verified ones) just make stuff up as they go along. One thing I saw on social media a couple of years ago but decided not to pay attention to recently resurfaced on my timeline and it’s the idea that referring to a woman as a female is offensive. I really want to know if this is the case. Do women hate being called females? Is that really offensive? because by definition women are females.

Female is the most basic way to describe a woman, it refers to her gender. We all know how the X chromosome plays a pivotal part in whether a child is going to be male or female and having two X chromosomes is what makes someone a female (unless I was lied to in school). That’s more or less the reference, it can’t really be offensive to have an XX chromosome and have it be acknowledged. Words like girl, woman and lady come as a result of the gender but it’s ultimately attached to the fact that someone is female. It’s like calling a female chicken a hen if you ask me, hen is what we know them as but it’s attached to the fact it’s a female.

When Ash called Misty a female

Sometimes I like to think that I’m missing something and I’m not educated on how progressive the world is becoming but when it comes to social media, it’s like the people who decide social rules there are aliens who say things that you’ll never hear in real life. I personally can’t understand why any woman would find the word female offensive and this isn’t to do with me being a man (male), it’s more along the lines that definitions which aren’t derogatory being considered unpleasant is a stupid point to make. I’d understand if the argument was to stop calling women bitches because that literally compares women to animals which we feel are lesser (even then, people seem to love singing along when they hear that word in songs). Honestly, it doesn’t seem like there’s a real difference between calling someone a woman or a female, the most notable is that a woman is in reference to humans but if somebody really wanted to insult a woman by calling her an animal, the word female would be one of the weakest ways to do it and said person would end up looking stupid.

If anything, this whole woman/female argument seems like an issue of semantics and some people have attached one meaning to the word female because the dictionary definition apparently isn’t good enough. I really want to understand where people are coming from with this argument but I have nothing that could justify it, I feel like it stems from the time we live in where people can be offended by anything and others will feel like they have to jump on the bandwagon people just enough personalities with a bit of influence have shown support to the offence.

If things keep going this way, I’m wondering what the next buzzword that pisses people off will be. Are people going to petition to ban or even worse “cancel” (lol) the dictionary? because this isn’t the first time I’ve seen people say their definition of a word is more valid than the dictionary’s. Social media really doesn’t represent the majority of people and so many people on it change their persona when they come online, are we going to act like that doesn’t play a part in the antics that are online? Find out in the next episode of Social Justice Z! Honestly, I’m hoping that one day people see that a lot of things on social media is just pure nonsense.

My reaction

XXXTentacion’s death is a grey area


Not too long ago a rapper called XXXTentacion died and pretty much as soon as the death was announced, social media split into two sides (as it likes to do with so many subjects), those who were happy to hear that he was dead and those who weren’t. It was interesting to see the response to his death because it made me realise how many sociopaths are hiding in plain sight on Twitter, my feeling towards it was that this subject is a grey area.

One of XXXTentacion’s most well known moments was when the news of him domestically abusing his then girlfriend came to light and it showed that he was a very fucked up person (or at least did some very fucked up things) and that is the basis a lot of people are using to justify being happy at his death. Domestic abuse is never acceptable but neither is being happy at someone being murdered. It’s a weird one in his case because the world doesn’t need domestic abusers but what does it say about the people who ignore the rest of his life and focus on that one thing? (which supposedly never happened). A lot of people in hip-hop have been known to engage in domestic abuse and are still loved so does this make it a situation where people were looking for a reason not to like XXXTentacion and that incident is was they were waiting for? When it comes to the reaction surrounding the death it’s interesting because of the talking points.

I said earlier that being happy at someone’s death is unacceptable but what if somebody is known to do something despicable? There are so many kinds of people in the world who aren’t needed and to know that when they die, a little bit of the evil dies with them can be seen as a cause for celebration. It doesn’t fix the problem but at least you know that said person won’t be making anybody else suffer. I know that I have my prejudices and if I saw a well known pedophile die, I wouldn’t feel anything for them, I’d be happy that they can’t commit that action anymore however, I don’t know if I would happy to hear that they’re dead. It almost seems pure to be happy at hearing that somebody who did something terrible has died but the act of being happy that somebody is dead isn’t actually any better even the reason can somewhat be justified.

There’s something about the act of expressing happiness at someone’s death that doesn’t sit right with me. You don’t have to like the person and you don’t have to be sad but it just makes more sense to move past it whilst letting the others who cared for said person mourn. I’d go as far to say that if people wanted to say something like ‘fuck that person’ even though they’re dead, I don’t think it would be necessarily bad because the evil that they’ve done has justified the anger that’s held towards the person but being happy that someone has lost their life is something different.

It’s always easy to say things on social media, that wouldn’t be said in real life but it’s probably because the relationship is impersonal which is why people can casually express sociopathic traits. If it was a relative, I wonder if people would be saying the same things? Personally, I hope that the next time I see social media reacting to someone’s death, it won’t be anything like how they reacted to XXXTentacion.

Kalioen – Safe

Usually when it comes to music and posting it, I do a series like song of the week (which I’ve not done in a year… I think) or music feels (which I’ve also not done in a while) but I’m not doing that today, I’m just promoting a good song. Today I share with you the “Safe” a track by an upcoming artist called Kalioen. Kalioen is a friend of mine who’s been involved in a few musical projects over the years, ranging from producing songs to directing videos and during this time, he’s continued to work on his craft as producer and rapper in order to release his forthcoming project FREAK.

I can tell you personally, that there’s been a lot of work put into this track as well as the overall project and it follows a personal story of growth (I don’t want to reveal too much), something that we can all relate to. It’s not a typical rap song that people would expect to hear out of the UK but that’s one of the strong points as there is a lot of diversity within the scene that is overlooked. It’s a refreshing change of pace as there are a lot of people of the mindset that rappers from the UK still have a long way to go in order to prove the UK scene to the world and whilst strides have been made towards doing that this track is something that I feel contribute to helping people think more positively of the UK.

Kalioen – Safe

Thoughts on Father’s Day


Every year when Father’s Day comes around and I look on social media, I see a lot of people writing messages of love towards their mums so that they can show people their fathers aren’t present in their lives and I don’t really get it. Some men are losers and they continue to display those traits when it comes to fatherhood; one of those ways is by leaving their child and letting the woman that they impregnated take care of them whilst they go off elsewhere but does that mean people should acknowledge the impact that kind of person had in their lives, especially when all the men who wanted to be there for children stayed to raised the child?

People can do what they want and it’s a nice gesture to acknowledge the work that a single mother puts in raising a child because that’s not easy to do but isn’t that what mother’s day is for? (and international women’s day as well?) For me, it’s disrespectful to the fathers who have stayed in their children’s lives and made the effort to be a big part of it when people feel the need to let the world know they came from a home with a single mother, why can’t all of the good fathers just have this day? It makes it seem as if being a father is a thankless job and the role a father plays in their child’s lives is undermined just because a select few didn’t have the ability to step up when it was needed.

On Mother’s Day I’ve never seen anybody celebrate their father and rightly so because it would be out of place and it’s the same for Father’s Day. Universally people should be able to come together and realise that those fathers who did their job are being celebrated. There are so many days in the year for people to let the world know that they were raised by a single mother and it’s distasteful to bring that up on the one day that celebrates the men that did what they were supposed to.